5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bookshelf Styling Look Expensive

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Make Your Bookshelf Styling Look Expensive

Whenever you see shelves integrated into Instagram you ask yourself: How do they make shelves like this? What are the main tricks for this style?

It opens up a lot of trial and error involved to achieve a style. Here we share some tried and true tips that are pretty straightforward.

Go Hardcover

Hardcover books stack nicely on a shelf and add instant sophistication to space. Of course, don't buy books that mean nothing to you just because you see them in designer spaces or on Instagram. Choose titles that reflect your interests, such as titles about a favorite city, region, sport, designer, or artist.

Quick tip
Avoid displaying cookbooks in the living room, they belong exclusively to your kitchen shelves. You can make an exception for a cocktail or bartending books, but I prefer to stack these titles on the bar cart.

Don't Display Everything

If you are someone who craves a library and a polite appearance, feel free to ignore this advice. However, if you are an avid reader, and have hundreds of novels, you may prefer to keep them hidden in closets, as displaying them all outdoors seems quite overwhelming.

If the space is small, try not to keep the shelves padded to the edge. It's really a personal preference, and others certainly gravitate towards the "wall of books" look, but you'll see that it won't be too chaotic. Also, worn-out titles won't help make your setup more expensive.

Consider using a bookcase in the living room or built-in items to make another style statement, and then store all your novels on your shelves in a home office, office, or bedroom. This is a "best of both worlds" solution if that's something your space allows.

Add Accessories

If you like to buy small trinkets, now is your turn. Accessories play a fundamental role when it comes to making your shelves vibrate and the sky is the limit when choosing the types of pieces you want to display.

Quick tip
Anything from a briar box to a small woven basket to a ceramic bowl is fair game. Place these items on top of a pile of books or use them to fill a space and make a personal statement.

You can buy these items at flea markets, on Etsy, or even Poshmark for some trinkets that really reflect your style. Skip the mass-produced tchotchka you'll see in department stores - they'll shrink your home and convey a lack of originality. Unique items always add a more luxurious touch.

Add Paper or Paint

Maybe your bookshelf or actual built-in unit needs a makeover. A touch of paint can do wonders. Apply a strong color to the back walls to add a border, or you can go to the wallpaper path if you prefer the pattern.

Even the simplest IKEA bookcase can look like a custom piece with the right amount of DIY care; Yes, in many cases you can solve the problem with your own hands if you have a free afternoon and some tools to paint.

Incorporate Art

It seems that works of art can't go wrong. Place framed pieces on your shelves for instant charm and personality. You can find beautiful brass picture frames at thrift stores or online at incredible prices, so you don't have to go the custom route.

Small displays always look beautiful, even on shelves. Ultimately, art helps add pops of color where needed and always has a story to tell.

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