6 Home Design Tips Based on Your Dog's Personality

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Home Design Tips Based on Your Dog's Personality

Any pet owner knows, no matter how much you claim to be in control of your life, your home, and what is going on around you, you really don't know. The truth is that our furry friends rule everything around us.

And while that's a blessing (because we honestly can't imagine your life without your pets, right?), It can sometimes be a bit frustrating when we have to adapt and change our lives to accommodate these barking, drooling, needy, and needy creatures.

However, when you bring a dog, or any animal, into your space, everything changes. Whether you've had a pet for years or are just starting to get along with your pup, here are five house design tips based on your dog's personality and temperament.

Before you even bring your puppy home, do a dog personality test. Observe your dog in his natural habitat and observe how he interacts with other people, animals, and objects in space.

For Easygoing Dogs, Embrace the Flexibility

If your dog is very laid back, he will likely fall into the "Quiet" category, and you can change your home design around that. Having a "quiet" puppy means less stress when planning and designing his space. Your pet will normally be comfortable in most situations and "go with the flow" when it comes to his schedules, routines, and rules.

What will help dogs with this temperament is knowing where their sleeping area is. As this type of dog is generally laid-back and laid-back, he will prefer to have space in your home to lie down, but will not marry him. If you like to move furniture from time to time, change the decor, or entertain yourself, this type of canine personality fits the bill.

For Playful Dogs – Minimize & Create Open Spaces

Sometimes the personality of the dog breed can influence the way you classify your pet. For example, Labradors are one of the most playful dog breeds, so naturally, if this is your dog's breed, you can expect them to be goofy, friendly, and always ready to play tug of war or pick you up.

Playful puppies are great, but they can definitely affect the design of your home, especially when it comes to refined furniture or fancy décor. It's best to avoid sofas and other furniture that could accidentally tip over, tip over, or get scratched during a mess.

In general, it is also a good idea to leave plenty of open spaces, especially in the living room or dining room, so that your puppy can move freely.

For Adventurous Dogs – Downgrade the Décor & Create Play Areas

If the dog personality traits that suit your pup are explorers, curious, and/or often amused about the smallest things, he probably falls into the "Adventurer" category. This category can go in two directions: adventurer with a sense of madness or adventurer but cautious. Depending on which side of the spectrum your dog is on, it depends on how careful you need to be with your home design.

Adventurous dogs are great. They'll be the first to investigate the new items you bring into space, alert you if something looks wrong, and quickly get acquainted with people and items and make them their own (more on the latest in a second).

Those reasons are why it's best to buy inexpensive items because sometimes curiosity can get the best of your dog and they may want to * mark * everything in sight to claim it as their own.

It can also be beneficial to create a "dog-friendly" room or area where this adventurous pup can play, perhaps a playroom, food laundry, or even an outdoor area. That way, your dog can explore whatever he wants without the added stress of something breaking or urinating.

If your dog loves the outdoors, create an "outdoor dog bathing area. A designated wash area will keep muddy paws contained until his next adventure."

You may also consider installing an internal window or other "lookout" structure at dog eye level. Adding anything from a porthole or bay window to a full floor-to-ceiling window pane is advised. That way, your curious pup will be able to get a glimpse of the terrain, even when he's inside.

For Rambunctious Dogs – Establish Clear Boundaries & Dog-Friendly Spaces

If your dog personality test results showed clear traits of wildness, excitement, and/or intensity, your dog is probably the “Rambunctious” kind… but, as *ruff* as this category may sound, it’s not actually that bad.

Rambunctious dogs are simply more energetic than most and can add some much-needed flare to your otherwise calm (and maybe even boring) home life and design.

However, when it comes to unruly dogs, it is important to create clear boundaries around your space. Designating areas for playing, sleeping, eating, and other daily routines can help your dog know what to expect and when, and it can also prevent you from having daily headaches.

Another thing to consider is adding a canine gate to encourage self-control and mobility.

Active dogs and dogs with small bladders can benefit from installing a dog gate so they can go outside whenever they want.

If possible, create an area of ​​your home that is dedicated to dog play/exercise: outdoor area, garage, basement, etc. This can help drain some of the energy (but productively).

For Defiant Dogs – Offer Stability & Structure in Your Design

So you have a challenging dog ... good luck! Just kidding. Although these types of dogs are called "bad dogs", in reality, they are often misunderstood. Sometimes dogs with stubborn or resistant personalities come from broken homes, have been through multiple adoption/adoption centers, or have simply had trouble adjusting to transitions in their lives.

That is why it is important, when it comes to home design, to provide stability and structure.

Once you have established a place for this type of dog to sleep or eat, try not to change it. Regulatory disruptions can be major roadblocks for Defiant dogs and can make them feel out of control or even scared.

It's a good idea to avoid wooden furniture to eliminate scratching or chewing problems. Instead of wooden furniture, pet owners should opt for something with a metallic finish to discourage chewing and velvet materials for leather or synthetic fabrics to prevent the build-up. of hair or slime.

Another tip for challenging dogs is to create clear boundaries and set them as quickly as possible (especially if there are areas of your home that are off-limits). You may want to close the doors or put up baby gates first to prevent your Defiant puppy from going places he shouldn't.

For Lazy Dogs – Embrace the Comfort & Coziness

Pet lovers design their homes differently, and if you have a dog that fits into the "Lazy" category, chances are you're always indulging and/or buying into this casual lifestyle. Or, if you have an elderly dog ​​who is not necessarily lazy but needs a little extra support, low beds and other furniture options will solve the problem.

As your dog ages, her mobility decreases, but her love of cuddling definitely doesn't. The lower bed will help make the jumps easier, leaving you independent for longer.

Soft surfaces like rugs, rugs, or even soft stairs can help both older and younger dogs. Soft surfaces provide comfort and eliminate the danger of slipping, falling, or potential injury.

From sitting areas in (almost) every room to cozy blankets and comfy animals, if you have a lazy dog, you care about comfort and make you, your dog, and anyone who walks through your doors feel relaxed and at ease.

Your home layout should naturally prioritize a large living room, sofas (for dogs, of course!), Large blankets, fluffy pillows, and snacks (treats for humans and dogs) within reach.

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