Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

We are all looking for ways to make cleaning quicker and easier. Believe it or not, sometimes taking certain "shortcuts" really makes things difficult for you in the long run.

You and your family may have even developed some bad habits that inhibit your ability to do work more efficiently (it may even be causing damage to your home!)

It's time to start breaking these habits so you can get to a cleaner home faster.

Here's an easy way to get started: Pick one or two bad cleaning habits to change each week. Soon you will have a cleaner home and more free time for the things you love!

Using a lot of cleaning product

If a little cleaner works, will a lot of cleaner work better and faster? Right? That is not how it works.

Using too much cleaner or washing powder can do more harm than good. If the excess cleaner isn't rinsed off completely, the residue turns into a dirt magnet that traps dirt.

That is why you should read the instructions and always use the recommended amount or even a little less. You are wasting time and money on additional products and water to rinse it off.

Cleaning with dirty tools

How can you expect clean results when using dirty cleaning tools? If your washing machine smells like bacteria accumulated in the detergent residue, your clothes will smell bad.

If the vacuum bag or filter is full of dust, it will no longer be a good vacuum. A dirty mop or sponge just pushes away more dirt and bacteria.

Wear outer shoes at home

Taking just a few seconds to remove your shoes every time you go out will save you hours of vacuuming. Not to mention the bacteria and germs that will remain out of living areas.

Dust lasts when cleaning

Save yourself some effort by dusting before vacuuming. A room must be cleaned from top to bottom so that dust falls to the floor for sweeping or vacuuming.

And remember how that sanitizing cloth can't effectively clean an entire bathroom? The same goes for a disposable duster.

If it's been a while since you've dusted, get a clean duster when what you're using turns solid gray. You are no longer trapping dust, you are simply brushing it away with a dirty duster.

Not reading directions

Have you ever had to redo a task like cleaning the soap scum on the tile because the cleaner didn't work? You may not have read the instructions.

Most cleaning products don't work instantly and it takes a little time for the ingredients to break up the dirt and lift it up so it can be easily cleaned or rinsed off.

Take 30 seconds to read the instructions to avoid 30 minutes of extra scrubbing.

Not completing tasks

We are all interrupted, but we try to complete a task after starting it. If you bring your ironing board, don't stop for a social media break until all of your clothes are done.

If you only have 15 minutes to clean up, start by removing clutter and placing items in their proper places. So if you get lost, you can come back later for a more thorough cleaning.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about more bad cleaning habits:

Source: Clean My Space

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