Do You Have to a Wedding Gift?

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Do I Have to Buy a Wedding Gift?

When receiving an invitation to a wedding, you may have come across a mention of a gift registry and wondered what you would get as a wedding gift, let alone if it was optional.

Are Wedding Gifts Required?

You may be broke, unable to attend, attending a destination wedding, or at the wedding party. While it is common for guests to give wedding gifts to newlyweds, people tend to fall into the trap of believing these gifts are in exchange for their invitation.

The truth is that a wedding invitation is completely separate from a wedding gift. In fact, a wedding gift is a symbol of your affection for the happy new couple, nothing more, nothing less. Wedding gifts are typically sent as soon as the invitation is received, rather than brought to the wedding.

Even if you have already given a bath or an engagement gift, traditionally it is also good practice to give a wedding gift.

The Gift Etiquette for Second Weddings

Some guests may feel that a gift is not necessary for a second wedding. These guests can be forgiving of simply bringing a card instead, especially if they have already given a wedding gift for their first wedding.

This choice is at the discretion of the wedding guest. Depending on the relationship you have with the couple and your care for the new marriage, however, it is always advisable to make the beautiful gesture of giving them something for their new life together.

What to Buy for a Wedding Gift

Physical gifts are the most traditional and formal for weddings. Typically, the bride and groom send wedding invitations with information to the wedding website and the details of the reception, which usually include the gift registry.

A look at the couple's gift registry will give you some ideas of what they are looking for, which may include household, sentimental, or small gifts. In addition to physical gifts, it is also considered appropriate to give money or make a donation to a charity on behalf of the couple.

Destination Weddings and the Wedding Party

Even if you are at a wedding party or attending a destination wedding, it is a common formality to give a wedding gift to the newlyweds. These specific exceptions do not change the way you feel about your partner or the journey you are about to take together.

The gift is a personal decision that depends on your relationship with the couple and your feelings about remarrying. Determining how much to spend on a wedding gift is also up to personal discretion, however, couples often understand that budgets vary.

That's why the gift registry is a great place to check the types of gifts the couple is looking for to suit their budget and needs.

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Source: GIFT List

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