How to Build a Garage Yourself (Part 2)

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We show you Simple & Easy Steps for Build a Garage Yourself!

7. Install siding

Siding is installed over the siding of the house. The siding is carried directly into the siding of the house so that the two combine stylistically.

8. Install the doors

A door was installed between the garage and the house. Most codes require a solid fire-resistant door. For the outer door, install a pre-hung outer door.

9. Install garage doors

The garage door rails are installed on the roof of the garage. The doors are installed in the door openings and then fixed to the rails.

10. Install electrical wiring

Connect to the home's electrical system. If you have circuit locations available on the service panel, run your lighting, outlet, dryer, and garage door circuits.

11. Install plumbing lines

If the garage has a laundry room, the pipes are connected to the hot and cold water supply and the house's drainage system. For a hose faucet, a cold water supply line connects to the house supply and runs along the walls to the location of the outside faucet.

12. Hang and finish the drywall

Drywall is installed inside the garage. The code may require a special fire-resistant drywall on the side of the garage that adjoins the house.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Building a garage is like building a smaller, smaller house. The main features, such as the roof, foundation and wall systems, are the same. Building your own garage by hand requires you to be an expert in many trades and have a generous amount of time to work. Hence, most homeowners choose to outsource their garage construction project.

Hiring subcontractors for some jobs and doing other jobs on your own is an alternative. This not only reduces the cost of some of the subcontractor's projects but also eliminates the additional contractor fee of 10 to 20 percent. If you are an advanced DIYer, you may want to break down the tasks as follows:

Projects to do it yourself

  • Connect the electricity from the house to the garage.
  • Establish lighting circuits, sockets and garage door.
  • Hang and finish the drywall
  • Install garage doors
  • Install windows
  • Install the house and exterior doors.

Projects for professionals

  • Build the base
  • Pour the concrete slab
  • Build the walls
  • Install siding
  • Build the roof structure
  • Install tiles

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