How To Fix A Squeaky Bed

While there are many reasons why you may be sleeping poorly or poorly, it definitely doesn't help to have a bed that creaks every time you move. With some beds, it is not necessary to have a restless sleep for the bed to make noise - even the slightest movement produces another creaking sound. What Causes Bed Noise And What Can Be Done To Fix Squeaks?

What causes a creaky bed

The mattress or box spring needs to be replaced

The springs inside the mattress or box can rub against other parts and cause squeaks. The springs are internal and you should not attempt to repair them. Buy a new mattress or box spring.

Bed parts need to be tightened

Bed frames made of metal or wood tend to loosen over time or have never been fastened properly. Tightening the pieces can help eliminate most bed squeaks.

Bed parts need lubrication

Bed frame components can rub against each other, even after being tightened. After lubrication, the components will still move against each other, but the friction will be reduced enough that the winches either disappear completely or are quieter.

Use only dry lubricant. This spray lubricant applies wet but dries in seconds to leave a dry lubricating film that is safe for furniture. Also, it won't drip onto the ground.

The wooden pieces of the bed need felt tape.

Some wooden beds have two rails that run between the headboard and the footboard. On each end of the stringers there are metal hooks that fit into slotted slots in the headboard and footboard.

When pressure is exerted on the bed, the stringers rub against the headboard and footboard, causing squeaks. Adding felt tape eliminates these noises.

Box spring needs filling

Movement of the box spring against the inside of the bed frame can cause noise. Adding a cushion between the components can help reduce noise.


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