How to Organize Your Room in an HOUR!

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Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Room in an Hour

With thoughtful planning and just one hour, you can clean and organize your room and create a space to relax and recharge.

Spring is coming and with it comes the desire to clean and organize the most important room in your home: your bedroom.

We have great tips on how to organize your room in less than an hour to create the serene space you need to recharge your batteries.

Plan Out Your Attack

Starting at the beginning. If you plan to clear the clutter in an hour, you need to plan ahead. You don't want your efforts to be diverted while searching for a storage box.

Make sure you have a box for the items you are donating, a box for the items you are unsure about, and a box or garbage bag. The items that you keep will be placed in their proper place: on the shelves, in the closet, or in the drawers.

Now take a good look at your room. Think carefully about how and where you want to keep everything. Buy all storage containers ahead of time, like linen bags and a shoe organizer, so you're ready to get off on the right foot.

Do a Swift Sweep

Clean your room with an initial sweep. Put the garbage in a garbage bag and take the dirty clothes to the laundry. Now you can use the bed as a cleaning station.

When working in each area, place the items on the bed so that you can see everything clearly. Plus, you'll have to finish quickly or you won't have a place to sleep!

Stick to an Organization System

A random approach doesn't work here. Pick an area, for example, a bookcase and place it over the bed. Next, consider each item or group of items.

Save what you really want and forget about the rest. Don't get distracted and don't overthink things. Work quickly and methodically. Then repeat the process for other areas of your room.

Clear Your Closet

Closets are a magnet for clutter. Quickly scan all garments and keep only those that fit you and that you really like.

Have appropriate skirt/pant hooks. Invest in a hanger. Use drawer dividers for socks and underwear and hooks for bags and hats. Store off-season clothing in boxes under the bed if space is limited. And don't forget to order your shoes and boots.

Find Hidden Storage Space

After cleaning, find open spaces in your bedroom or closet. Think of storage solutions that can transform these areas into additional storage.

Is there extra wall space for more shelves or space for a chest at the end of the bed? In that case, use it to your advantage.

Choose Your Nightstand Wisely

Bedside storage also attracts clutter like keys, coins, and of course phones. So choose a storage solution that hides clutter in your nightstand drawers or this stylish hanging shelf with a built-in drawer.

A small three-drawer dresser makes your nightstand double, giving you more space for your bedside needs and more.

Get Rid of the Old

It's difficult to keep a bathroom clean, but it can be done. Throw away all old or no longer used personal care products or cosmetics.

Use drawers with dividers, small baskets, or stackable containers so that everything is close at hand but in order. Keep a basket for used tissues, cotton balls, etc.

And when you have time, why not update your dresser with one of these great ideas?

Use Your Door Space

Doors are often overlooked when considering how to organize your room. The hooks are ideal for hanging a cloak or items you need for tomorrow, such as a dress, a scarf, and a hat.

Hanging plastic pockets that fit at the top of a door are ideal for storing small items like electric chargers, so you can quickly see where each charger is without spending hours untangling cables. Here are other ways to take advantage of the storage space inside your cabinets and closet doors.

Keep Up with the Clutter

And it is that. If you prepare well and work fast, you can really get your room organized in an hour. But once you've got yourself organized, don't throw away this hard-earned victory by adding more junk!

Think before you buy something new and stop buying those items if you really want to be clutter-free.

Now that your room is in good shape, here's how to organize your garage in one morning.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about How to Clean Your Room FAST IN 10 STEPS

Source: Megan Kelleher

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