How to Plan a High-School Graduation Party

Completing high school is an important milestone that marks the end of childhood. Throwing a prom for your teen will help you honor the fact that she is about to enter the adult world.

Whether it's a small reunion or a big party, a high school graduation party requires a fair amount of preparation.

However, the more time you spend planning events, the less time you need to worry about all the last-minute details.

Involve your child in planning the party as much as possible. After all, it's her/his big day, so you'll want to focus the event on her interests and accomplishments.

The first thing you'll want to do is decide with your graduate what kind of party he or she would like.

Some options include hosting a buffet restaurant, a casual backyard barbecue, or a smaller dinner with close friends and family.

Set a date and time

Setting a date for your prom can be difficult, as Mother's Day and Remembrance Day occur around the same time as most high school graduations.

Your child's close friends will likely have their own celebrations too, so you need to make sure the party times don't conflict.

If you are hosting the party at a ballroom, park, or restaurant, reserve your spot well in advance, as weekends around graduation will be in high demand.

Determine your party budget

Write down everything you plan to buy and record how much money you will need for each item.

The cost of food, venue, party favors, invitations, and decorations can add up quickly if you don't plan for expenses. If you are hosting the party at home, research the cost of the things you want to rent, such as a marquee or a sound system.

If you have limited funds for the party, consider making your own decorations and sending out electronic invitations to help cut costs.

Pick a topic

While the overall theme is prom, adding a few more festive and personal touches will help tie your party's aesthetic together.

A theme for a graduation party can be as simple as the school colors or as specific as the college graduation course.

You can also highlight the interests of the graduate - for example, if your teen played the saxophone in the marching band, you could include some invited inflatable instruments for the guests to play on the dance floor.

Decide on the menu

The most important decision you need to make when it comes to party food is whether you will prepare it yourself or serve it to yourself.

Either way, you will need to decide whether you are serving a meal or just snacks.

Present a variety of your graduate's favorite treats and don't forget to order them at a bakery if you want to serve a cake.

Ask for help

Don't feel like you have to do everything; If your child has too many demands or demands, insist that she help you prepare.

Asking a few close friends for help, like fixing and cleaning, can make a big difference and give you more opportunities to enjoy your teen's party.

Graduation party activities

A great party game or activity will help your guests interact and have fun. Here are some ideas to consider for your celebration:

#1. Guest Book: Collecting messages from your guests into a special book will create meaningful party favors.

Words of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and encouraging quotes can help your child feel confident as they begin the next chapter.

#2. Time Capsule: Each graduating student should bring an item (along with a short description) that represents her experience in high school.

Place the items in a box and keep them for safekeeping. For the 10-year graduate reunion, bring the box of probably forgotten treasures for classmates to rediscover and remember.

#3. Put the cap on the graduate: Zoom in on a large image of the guest of honor. Next, cut out the graduation covers from black card stock and tape the back of each one.

The game then proceeds like tying the donkey's tail - blindfolded guests can try to hook the cap onto the top of the head of the graduate in the photo.

#4. Teacher's Guessing Game: Put a teacher's name on a sticker. When a guest comes in, put them on your back.

Then invite them to ask the other participants yes or no questions about the teacher so that they can guess who he is.

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