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How to Use Table Runners

Table runners are a simple and effective way to decorate a regular table and are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and colors. While you can follow the guidelines when using the table runners, you can also decide to get creative and use them in different ways.

Traditional Guidelines for Table Runners

Typically, a table runner should be hung on each side of the table where the ends fall. This is much more aesthetically pleasing than a hallway than where the table ends or is slightly lower than the table. The amount of hanging must be the same on both sides and can vary, just like the length of a tablecloth fall. A standard tablecloth drop can be 6 to 12 inches. If you are using a runner with a tablecloth, the length of the drop should be the same for both.

The width of a table runner should be about 1/3 the width of the table it is used on when running lengthwise. For table runners placed across the width of a dining table, the runners should be narrower or about 1/4 the width of the table.

If you are using an aisle shorter than the table, make sure it is much shorter and use it under a centerpiece.

table runners

How to Determine the Best Size

First, you need to measure the width and length of your table. Then add a minimum of 12 inches and a maximum of 24 inches to the length measurement to determine the size of table runners that will work for your table. Remember to consider your table width measurement and choose a table runner with a width of about a third that size.

Standard Sizes

Most sliders come in standard widths like 10, 12, 13, 14, or 15 inches and standard lengths like 54, 72, 90, and 108 inches. If you have a dining table that is 84 inches long and 42 inches wide (7 feet by 3.5 feet), you will need a table runner that measures 14 inches by 108 inches.

Remember there are no real rules for using table runners. Don't worry if the width of a table runner you like isn't exactly one-third the width of your table. The length can also be a little shorter or longer than the suggested guidelines if you still like the look. Try to follow the size guidelines when decorating for more formal occasions, such as weddings.

If these standard sizes don't work with your table size, you may need to order a custom-made table runner or make your own.

table runners

Ways to Use Table Runners

Hallways can be used in many different ways and in different types of furniture. In addition to dining tables, you can add them to:

  • Patio tables
  • Coffee tables
  • End tables
  • Bedside tables
  • Sofa tables
  • Hall tables

They can work on any shape of the table, including:

  • Round tables
  • Oval tables
  • Rectangular tables
  • Square tables

Placed Lengthwise

The most common way to use a table runner is to place it in the center of the table, spreading it lengthwise. This provides a perfect guide or path to keep more centerpieces or serving plates lined up. The aisle can also be used to protect the tabletop from candle wax splatter, moisture, heat, food spills, and other debris caused by centerpieces, silverware, or decorations.

table runners

Placed Across the Table

You can also use slightly narrower and shorter table rails placed on the table in front of each chair. These aisles can serve as placemats and can be used with or without a longitudinal aisle. Aisles placed on extra long tables can be used to separate each seating configuration.

Using Runners with Other Table Linens

Placemats can be used with table runners in the same fabric or in complementary colors, textures, and patterns. The inclusion or not of a tablecloth will depend on how formal the environment is. It can also depend on the type of table, for example, whether the tabletop itself contains decorative elements, such as inlaid tiles. The hallway should not be identical to the tablecloth or the same color; it should stand out.

Runners Used on Other Furniture

The shorter table rails can be attached to a nightstand or side table for a pop of color and texture. You can also use the table runners to highlight other types of furniture, such as a buffet, cage, sideboard, dresser, or dresser.

Use a table runner to protect glass furniture. Use one on a display case, console table, or coffee table when you want to display jewelry that can scratch the surface.

table runners

Choosing Fabrics and Textures

Table runners are available in a variety of fabrics. The fabric you choose should match the rest of the room décor and the type of table it will be used on. Remember these items when looking at different table runners:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Texture

The color, pattern, and texture of a table runner should perfectly match, complement, or contrast with the underlying surface, top elements, and the style of the room. For example, it wouldn't make much sense to place a silk table runner with a Chinese calligraphy motif on a rustic cedar dining table in a chalet-style log house. However, this type of hallway would look great on an Asian-style lacquered rosewood dining table.

Formal and Informal

Fabrics with smooth, shiny textures like silk, satin, organza, and polyester work best on tables with similar textures like glass and heavily lacquered wood, or with formal linen tablecloths. These fabrics work well for formal occasions such as weddings, award ceremonies, special events, etc.

Thick or dense natural textured fabrics such as bamboo, grass, twill, cotton, and cotton blends work best on wood, metal, stone, and ceramic tables. These fabrics are best for casual and casual wear.

Useful and Attractive

Table runners are perfect for adding extra color and texture to table settings and other types of furniture. They look best when used under other decorative items, helping to draw attention to the canvas and serving as an anchor for various accents.

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