Planning a Country Wedding

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Welcome! Make your wedding timeless and graceful by coordinating relaxed details

Wedding Attire

Given the casual vibe of the country wedding theme, you can get away with wearing comfortable clothes. This includes sundresses, lightweight fabrics, linen, and eyelet lace for women, and casual shirts, khaki pants, or even jeans for children. You can also make the wedding party wear cowboy boots or hats.

Venue, Decor, and Food

A country wedding obviously must have a country setting. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, increase the value of the house with hay bale seating for the guests. You might even consider having the wedding party come over for a hayride.

For your location, the ideal would be to rent a barn or a country house. Use picnic tables and checkered tablecloths. Add atmosphere with bright lanterns, candles, and lights, and decorate with antiques where needed.

The elements may be casual, but you should unify your color palette for a lighter, more cohesive, and modern look. For example, use large groups of yellow and white daisies as centerpieces with cream tablecloths and have the bridesmaid wear yellow dresses and carry bouquets of similar colors.

A laid-back country wedding is the perfect setting for a food truck. Rent your favorite food truck to visit later, after dinner is served. Your guests will be delighted to enjoy a tasty late-night snack.


Instead of bringing a bouquet of scathing roses, bring a bouquet of wildflowers or sunflowers. Place floral centerpieces and large arrangements in large, old jars and place smaller clusters of flowers in preservation jars. Incompatible vases are also a picturesque touch.


Why not embroider your invitation on a sample of the country, photograph it and print it on the invitations? If you know a skilled graphic designer, you can also recreate the look of the stitched sample.

If you are doing an engagement photoshoot, take the photos in a rustic setting, such as an actual barn, forest, or similar outdoor setting.


A rustic barn wedding is perfect for upbeat music - a live country or bluegrass band will keep your guests dancing the night away. If you really like country music, you can do a little line dance, a square dance, or do Texas in two steps. And if you are really brave and want to add excitement to your guests, hire a mechanical bull!


A type of home wedding is the perfect event for making handmade gifts. Make cookies and wrap them in beautiful paper or a delicate box. If you can't find your way around the kitchen and can't tell the difference between salt and sugar, you can always buy sweets from a local bakery. You can also pack small bunches of fresh local produce, such as a pint of strawberries, vine tomatoes, or a bunch of grapes.

Special Touches

Since your ceremony and/or reception is likely to be held outdoors, provide your guests with fans to cool off and chase away irritating insects.

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Source: Bluebird Bride Academy

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