Slumber Party Themes for All Ages

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Slumber Party

Sleepovers are often called sleepovers, but everyone knows that sleepovers have little to do with actual sleep. If you want your sleepover to be even more special, consider planning the night around a theme.

From kids to teens, this slumber party theme collection has ideas to suit kids of all ages.

Movie Night

It's a ritual that countless sleepovers have practiced: the late-night movie marathon. Since the kids are going to see some of their favorite movies, why not give the sleepover a movie night theme? Popcorn, 3D glasses, and ticket invitations are just some of the ways to incorporate the theater theme into your pajama activities.

If the party is in the summer, you can even catch a movie in the backyard!

Camping Party

These camping party ideas are perfect for a backyard sleepover or when brought indoors for mock camping. Set up a tent and play camping games, campfire cupcakes, smores, and more.

Stargazing Party

This sparkly stars party theme for a birthday or graduation can easily be adapted for a sleepover that includes a telescope and some stargazing. Star-themed decorations, food, crafts, games, and party favors are ideas to use for a stargazing sleepover.

Photo Shoot Party

Slumber parties almost always include dressing up and remaking each other. Cast these looks to digital memory with a photo shoot party theme. You don't need to rent a real photo booth to create a photo shoot at your sleepover.

All you really need is to hang a sheet as a background and equip the kids with a digital camera. They can take turns posing as models and being a photographer. Some other photo booth party ideas that will work at your sleepover are camera cake, scrapbook art, and mini photo album favorites.

Karaoke Party

If they're staying up all night making noise anyway, you could also encourage them to make some fun noise. Buying a karaoke or singing machine for your home gaming system turns your living room into a concert stage.

Gather some accessories like sunglasses, scarves, boa constrictors, and wigs to beautify your nightwear - rock star style! More karaoke-themed sleepover ideas include backstage ticket invites, a microphone-shaped cake, and a live stream of your favorite pop star.

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