Surprisingly Valuable Items You Should Never Throw Away

Planning a spring organization? Artwork, antiques, and rare jewelry tend to sell for a small fortune, but what items should you look for when browsing through the dusty boxes in your loft?

"One of the biggest mistakes people can make with the old jewelry, coins, cameras, silverware, and other items they find during spring cleaning is throwing them out," says Antony Charman, a specialist in television antiques.

“Most of the time, they don't know the value of their assets, whether they are inherited, bought, or received, and they end up in landfills or accumulate in their homes.

Packing them up for an expert appraisal is better than discarding them because we'll always pay something in return.

To celebrate Vintage Cash Cow's Spring Clear Out campaign, Antony revealed how you can maximize your payout for the antiques you may find during your spring cleaning.

Before we begin, some things to remember include:

• Items can be shipped in any condition, regardless of whether they are broken, damaged, or missing parts.

• Do not clean items before shipping. They are worth more in their original condition.

• Group your items by category to make it easier to find items that might be worthwhile and should go in a box. Item groups are better and always worth more money.

Miscellaneous items

From pens to precious metals, many of us could earn extra money with our belongings. Not sure what to look for when cleaning? Take a look at what to keep your eyes peeled ...

1. Old stationery: 'All pens and pencils must be shipped before the birth of the pen, regardless of whether the main material is plastic or metal. Generally, fountain pens can also have gold tips, ”says Antony.

2. Silverware: Items to consider when organizing include copper, tin, and silver items (wrinkled or uncrushed), as well as non-precious metal items.

3. Old pipes: Surprisingly, the smoking parts and cigar/tobacco shops can be a great value, so they are worth saving too.

4. Toys: When cleaning, be sure to hang up old toys. Even those that haven't been taken care of can still be worth something.

Jewelry and watches

If you are looking for antiques around the house, be sure to look at your jeweler. You never know what gems you can find.


A popular hobby, many people like to track down rare historical coins to add to their collections.

If you are trying to make a deal and are not sure which ones will make you big money, Antony informs you that any coin is accepted at auction houses.

Also, the pre-1947 coins were 50 percent silver, while the pre-1919 coins were 92-95 percent silver, so it can help you determine how much you could earn.

Military memorabilia

Looking to sell military memorabilia? Each item can tell a unique story, but it can also earn you a small fortune.

From medals to clothing badges to war memorabilia (Valentine's jewelry), all of these should be factored in in the selection.

When you are organizing memorabilia, always keep an eye out for large arrows like clocks, binoculars, compasses.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about valuable items you may own:

Source: Nexus

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