The Top Reasons Your Workspace Gives You Anxiety

Workspace Gives You Anxiety

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What to Do if Your Workspace Makes You Anxious

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Does your workspace make you anxious? To be honest with you, it shouldn't be like this. Obviously, your cabin, whatever its decoration or its "cozy", will not be as comfortable as your sofa. And of course, even your most personalized home office won't always be full of heat and clutter. But sitting at work shouldn't be so stressful that you can't focus on your tasks.

Here are five reasons why your workspace is really stressing you out (whether you consciously realize it or not) and five things you can do about it.

Your Space Isn’t Conducive to Work

Whether you have stacks of paper littered across every open surface (guilty) or your shelves and walls are so decorated with plants and pictures that you can’t actually focus, this can create an atmosphere that isn’t conducive to work.

If you are continually distracted by your surroundings, now is the time to change.

Focus on ways to intentionally eliminate or organize the disorder. Rearrange your homework stacks to make room for writing, typing, or taking notes. And be purposeful in designing the area so that you can prioritize the most meaningful activities first.

You’re Not Comfortable in the Space

Believe it to someone who spends a lot of time on a screen every day, sometimes I find myself bending over or sitting in awkward positions because I'm not thinking about what my body physically needs. This is what our workspaces look like: We stay focused (or try to focus) so much on our tasks that we often overlook ourselves in the process.

Maybe your workspace is giving you anxiety because you spend a lot of time in an awkward position: wrists reaching for the keys, sloppy back, squinted eyes the list goes on.

The next time you sit down to work, take a body inventory: are you sitting in good posture? Are you cross-legged or leaning on the floor? Are your eyes tired?

These are just a few simple questions, but they can help you refine them. You can also actively stretch before sitting down, take a walk in the middle of the activity, get up every thirty minutes/hour, or even invest in a movable table where you can adjust the height for standing or sitting. The key is to recognize what your body needs and to make sure you don't create more stress by ignoring its warning signs.

Workspace Gives You Anxiety

You’re Overwhelming Yourself With Long-Terms Instead of Short-Terms

One of the biggest stressors is looking at long-term assets on hold, rather than what's happening in front of you. And again, I share this from experience. It's easy, especially when you're a career-oriented person, to think about everything you want or need to achieve. But if you are not careful, you will become obsessed with those things that prevent you from moving forward.

If you feel "stuck" or so overwhelmed that you don't know where to start, it may be because you worry about the future instead of concentrating on the present. And, unfortunately, your workspace has become a constant reminder of that.

Try changing your goal by creating more intentional short-term to-do lists. Sure, you may have a giant project on the way, but you don't have to jot down every step of this daily activity. You may be able to break your tasks into smaller parts and complete three steps at a time.

Focusing on the smaller pieces will really make you more excited about how quickly you can finish them, and that will propel you forward.

You’re Feeling the Pressure to ‘Keep up’ or Compare

The showdown trap. We are all guilty of this. But maybe your workspace is causing you anxiety because you constantly feel that self-imposed pressure to manifest.

As difficult as it may sound, try to focus less on what you think you "should" do and more on what is best for you. There will always be someone who seems to hold you closer or who looks beyond you in your career.

But what you should keep in mind is that you are not that person. All good then.

Stop thinking that you have to do or have a certain way to succeed. Success, in fact, is defined individually. Let your workspace be something that motivates you to be yourself and go your own way.

You Haven’t Truly Designated a ‘You’ Space

Sometimes it is difficult to separate work from leisure, and as more and more people move to remote stations or work from home, finding these spaces for "you" becomes even more difficult.

Perhaps one of the reasons why your workspace makes you anxious is because you don't really have space for yourself. You can share an office space with a loved one or roommate. Maybe your workspace doubles as a garage or laundry room (yes, that's me), or maybe you have kids and are constantly interrupted at work to keep your "office" away from it. It doesn't really look like a workplace.

Whatever your experience, you must first understand that you are human and that your work situation at home (or even in your building office) does not always seem "professional" or "legitimate" as it should. This does not mean that you cannot work.

But ... it's important to create a space where you feel empowered and safe or space where you can really go away and be alone.

Although I don't recommend completely redoing the interior of your house or expelling your kids when you have to hitchhike and do something (ha!), I suggest you take the time to determine the places and times that you feel most aligned. . For me, it worked early in the morning or I hung a sign on my "office" door when I was on a call or podcast. Even though I'm never *alone* in my workday, I can still create spaces that are my own (and that helped a lot).

Remember: it is important to keep your balance and even if it is difficult, strive to create these healthy boundaries. You (and everyone else in your life) will benefit from this.

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Source: The Dr. John Delony Show

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Workspace Gives You Anxiety

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