The Ultimate List of Teen Party Games

Teen Party Games

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Teen Games for Birthday Parties, Sleepovers and More...

While some teen parties involve gangs that keep kids from mingling, others involve unpleasant drinks and activities. Involving everyone in some games helps children to socialize with everyone and is a good way to show that they can have a lot of fun.

Whether you're having a birthday party, Halloween party, or sleepover, help your child think about how to keep everyone entertained.

Even if you don't want to take control of your child's party, it's important to keep it organized. A little advance planning with your child can ensure that the kids have a great time at the party.

Here are three tips for organizing your child's board games:

  • Allow your teen to have the final say in what party games they want to have available. While you can come up with ideas for games, don't insist that your child play games he doesn't want to. Ask her opinion on what she thinks her friends will want to do.
  • Have equipment for the party games ready to go. Whether you're playing with balloons or need paper and crayons, have your supplies ready before the party starts.
  • Stay on the sidelines. Don't dictate when your child plays or how long she should play. Instead, stay behind and let your child stay in charge. If your child is a little shy, she may need her help to get everyone's attention or to get started. Talk about it ahead of time.

Balloon Games

Balloons are inexpensive and there are many ways to make them fun. If it's hot, you may want to consider some water ball games. But if you're indoors or don't want to get wet, these ball games can keep everyone entertained.

  • Balloon stomp: Tie the balloons around each other's ankles with a piece of string. So everyone is trying to pop each other's balloons. When a person's balloon bursts, they have to stay outside. Whoever has the last balloon will win.
  • Balloon toss to the finish: everyone has a ball. Balloons cannot be charged, they can only be launched into the air. Players must keep hitting the balloons while walking or running to the finish line. If a ball hits the ground, the player must return to the teeing ground. The first person to cross the finish line with their ball wins.
  • Human hippos: Blow up balloons and place them in the center of the room. Divide the players into teams of two. One team member lies face down on a cart and uses a laundry basket to collect the balloons. The other player grabs the person's feet and pushes them toward the center to collect the balls. The balloons are returned to the base.

Teen Party Games

Ice Breaker

Teen parties can be a little weird, no matter how well planned you have them. Some icebreakers can help them start talking, laughing, and socializing. Here are some fun icebreakers to get the party started:

  • Barnyard antics: Make sheets of paper with the names of farm animals, such as horses, sheep, cows, and pigs. Include each animal twice. Thus, each adolescent draws a piece of paper from a basket. When the weather starts, everyone makes noise for their pet. So they have to find the other person who has the same animal.
  • Truth, truth, and lie: each adolescent, in turn, makes three statements about himself. Two statements must be true and one must be a lie. The other members have to guess which statement is a lie.
  • Would you rather?: Ask the children to write fun questions like: "Would you rather ride the elevator with a skunk or a porcupine?" Put all the questions in a trash can. Then, one at a time, the adolescent draws and answers a question.

Teen Party Games

Other Fun Games

If you have a group of teenagers who want to be silly, these games can be a great time. Even if they are a bit shy at first, these games can help teens open up:

  • What's that face?: Ask all teens to think of a list of circumstances that are likely to trigger strong emotions. Examples could include finding a worm in your sandwich or being suspended from school for no real reason. Write the list of ideas and make it visible. So a teenager chooses to react as if one of these things is happening, and the other teens have to guess which scene they say they find based on their reaction.
  • Charades with a twist: Have teens play puzzles that feature real-life scenarios, such as a funny incident at the cafe or an unforgettable moment during math class.
  • Dance, dance, freeze: play a dance song and have someone stop it every 30 seconds or so. Then when the music stops, everyone freezes where they are. It's a great way to make teens laugh and have fun.

We hope you enjoy watching this video with 14 more fun party games!

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Teen Party Games

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