Throw These Unnecessary Items Out of Your Living Room Before Moving In

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5 Things You Need to Leave Behind if You are Moving

One of the benefits of moving is that it allows you to take a large inventory of all your belongings / It is very easy to stack or store items for "one day", but when you are packing your house in several boxes and suitcases, you are forced to compare with all your belongings and assess which pieces are important enough to be transported to a new space.

If you've made a lot of moves before, it can be demanding - we all know how difficult it is to sort frame after frame when all you want to do is feel good.

Here we leave you an idea of ​​the five pieces that can really be left behind when you occupy your space, without the need to feel guilty.

Extra Art Pieces

Your favorite artwork will always be a priority and will have a place to shine. We always move all the beautiful artwork and favorite pieces to the new home and find the right space for them.

But what about those jobs that you now simply consider to be okay? Many patrons have stacks of framed artwork hidden in the guest closet.

Most are discolored, unimportant, and uninteresting. You don't have to take any of this with you unless it is of extraordinary value, sentimental or not.

Unused Rugs

As special works of art, the right rugs will always take priority. If you have good rugs, you can keep them for life.

We often move the rugs to a completely different room in the new house and they work perfectly. (Take the opportunity to have your loved ones cleaned up before you move in, he advises.)

Any part that is in doubt should likely be discarded. Good rugs are a great investment, but cheap rugs are often not enough. You shouldn't feel too bad about parting with these pieces. After all, [rugs] naturally suffer from some stains and signs of wear, and even their size is very room-specific.

Throw Pillows and Curtains

These pieces have probably had better days and may even be a bit outdated, depending on how long you've lived in a space, so they can go away.

It is always good to set up a new house with new curtains and pillows. And why not take the time to adopt a new tone in the process? The fresh start is a great time to challenge yourself with a new color palette.

Like 'normal' pillows, they accumulate dust and allergens, so it is important to replace them periodically.

Unwanted Books

Stop before packing heavy text boxes that will be a burden to download - instead, decide which titles you really want to keep and donate the rest or pass a few to friends who might like them.

Moving to a new home is the perfect time to organize your collection of books and donate those that are no longer needed for you or your home.

It's something most of us don't take the time to renew or update frequently, which is why a change is a great motivator. You'll appreciate it later, when you have enough free shelf space in your new home, especially if you want a more minimalist lifestyle.

So-So Decor 

We have all those decorative objects that we chose only because they were on sale, as well as objects that were already fashionable, but no longer cause joy.

They go! I'd say throw out anything that doesn't look warm and inviting. You have to love everything in your home, and if you're not crazy about something, moving is the perfect excuse to get rid of it! Start from scratch in a new home ... and heal over time.

After all, the best decorative items are the ones you collect because they have meaning; Maybe you pick them up on a trip or buy something from a craftsman you admire. These types of pieces will hold their value for years and can even spark conversations when guests arrive.

The great thing about moving into a new space is that you can take a moment to define your intentions for how you would like to live in your new home.

Maybe you want less clutter, a more neutral palette, fancy inlays, whatever you want. You will be able to better fulfill all these objectives, separating yourself from the pieces that only take up space and without doing much more. Your new living room is waiting for you!

We hope you enjoy watching this video about 4 Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Living Room Layout

Source: Julie Khuu

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