What Do Wedding Dresses Cost?

If you are currently engaged, you are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed by one specific area: the wedding budget. This number will determine how much you can spend on all areas of your big day, from the location to the smallest details.

One of the most difficult areas to budget for is the wedding dress. How much should you reserve for your wedding dress? Your wedding dress is the one thing you've probably spent the most time dreaming about over the years, and there are emotions at play when it comes to choosing "that one."

Therefore, setting a budget for that specific purchase is a difficult thing to do. Setting the budget for your wedding dress is even more difficult because dress costs vary widely and are based on a variety of factors.

To make matters worse, wedding magazines can be confusing and often don't even list the prices of dresses. So how do you find out how much wedding dresses cost to save and allocate what you want? Here are some tips and information to help you target your budget.

Clothing costs depend on a variety of factors:

Designer: Sophisticated designer brands tend to cost more because they are a symbol of status and exclusivity.

Fabric - Some fabrics are more expensive than others, smooth and smooth. If you love chiffon or shantung, you'll want to see how your choice of fabric affects your bottom line.

Details and embellishments: If there are too many decorative embellishments such as handmade beads or lace appliqués, the price can increase dramatically.

Season: Wedding dress designers present collections at least once, if not twice a year. Newer designs are likely to have higher price ranges than dresses from previous seasons.

Examples of wedding dress prices

For around $ 500, you can purchase a wedding dress from a large machine-made retailer. They are generally made largely from synthetic fabrics and have a minimal amount of handcrafted details.

You can buy a beautiful white bridesmaid dress from a top designer. Make sure to change the wedding dress to fit you. There are many beautiful dress options available for the smallest budget.

Brides looking for a designer wedding dress in silk or other natural fabric should pay between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000. For that amount, the dress should be very well tailored and include some handcrafted details.

You will go to a salon where you will be measured, they will help you choose your wedding dress and they will order it directly from the stylist in your size. Once it arrives, you may have to pay a little more to have it changed to fit you perfectly.

For brides on a more extravagant budget, you can choose to pay $ 6,000 or more for a custom-made designer wedding dress. A seamstress will work with you to precisely fit and style the dress around your body.

Most of the work will be done by hand with incredible attention to detail, so expect to pay more for this kind of service and expertise.

How to find a wedding dress in your budget

Once you've decided how much you want to spend on your dress, you should do your best to only look at dresses within your price range.

If you don't experience something you can't afford, you won't fall in love with something you can't afford, right? Buying wedding dresses is not easy, but if you keep trying, you will find something you like.

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