What Is a Sip and See, and How Do You Host One?

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What Is a Sip and See?

The sip and see party, born in the south, offers the opportunity to welcome friends and family at the same time to meet and greet a newborn or baby immediately after birth or adoption.

This party to welcome the new baby is sort of like an open house baby shower. It allows parents, who may be exhausted, to introduce the new addition to the family immediately, rather than extending visits for weeks or months.

Sip and See vs. Baby Shower

Most baby showers and sprinkles happen before the baby is born when you take a sip and see what happens afterward. It's usually for parents who haven't had a baby shower, regardless of the reason.

The sip and see is typically a much more informal event than a bath. It can be structured in an open house format, rather than having a party with all the attendees at the same time.

Although baby showers are traditionally for women only, entire families, including men and boys, can take a sip and watch.

Many expectant parents sign up for a baby shower gift registry. It is not the norm to have a gift registry to drink and view, although guests often bring small gifts as a token of congratulation.

Be sure to keep track of what each person brought so you can send thank you notes later. Even if someone didn't bring a gift, it's a good idea to send it to show your gratitude for the visit.

How to Host a Sip and See

New parents can offer a sip and see it or, like a baby shower, a friend or family member. It totally depends on the guest of honor who is on the guest list, but the default is to ask all family members, close friends, and others who have expressed a desire to meet the new baby.

Even if they went to a baby shower before the little one arrived, feel free to ask them to come.

Since the word "sip" is in the name of the party, this naturally implies that there will be refreshments. Remember that no one expects anything fancy from new parents.

Here are some things to consider when planning:

  • Time frame:  When writing the invitation, specify when people can arrive and when the party ends. Even if you are throwing a casual open-house style party, you need to be more specific or you may have a hard time getting people to leave.
  • Decorations: Keep decorations to a minimum - guests are there to see the baby, not balloons or streamers. A floral centerpiece on a festive tablecloth is all you need.
  • Refreshments: Serve snacks, such as small sandwiches and cookies, as well as some drinks. While you can choose to serve alcoholic beverages or not, remember that many people like to celebrate these lighthearted events with champagne.
  • Games and entertainment: Most people who attend a watch and drink event prefer to spend time on the baby's lap rather than playing, so there is no need to plan special activities. Since people are there to see the baby, there is no need to worry about starting a conversation.

Provide hand sanitizer at the door and ask guests to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before touching your new child to prevent the spread of germs.

Ideas for a Sip and See Party

Even if you don't need a theme for your party, you might want to do it for fun. Some cute ideas include:

  • A Star is Born: Hang gold and silver stars in the room and bake star-shaped cookies.
  • Sweet Addition: Have festive, colorful decorations around a dessert table loaded with an assortment of candies and little framed photos of the newest addition to your family.
  • Message in a Bottle: Place a large bottle, paper clippings, and pens near the front door. Encourage each guest to take notes on her first experience with the baby. This is something that you and your child can remember and read about later. You can decorate the room with thank you messages for sharing this experience with everyone and add them to the bottle after everyone has left.
  • In the Spotlight: Take pictures of everyone when it's your turn to hold the baby. You can email the photos after the event and create a collage or scrapbook to save for later.

Expectations for Guests

If you've been invited to a try-and-see party, new parents probably have very low expectations except for the opportunity to show off their new family member.

Wear cute but casual clothes so you don't spit on your new silk blouse!

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a gift. Since you know the gender and the baby's name, you can also personalize it. Great gifts to take and see include:

  • A bib, a rattle, and a teether with the baby's initials
  • A monogrammed belly blanket
  • A gift basket filled with baby toiletries, mild laundry detergent, and other useful items.
  • A restaurant gift card and babysitting offer so parents can enjoy a date night.

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