Your Home Décor Style Based on Your Love Language

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Décor Style Based on Your Love Language

When it comes to decorating, everyone has their own preferences. From shabby chic to modern touches, or from oversized sofas to wall paintings, there are unique features, elements, and styles that make a home feel like home.

But often our personality and natural tendencies influence these preferences more than we realize. Who we are and, more specifically, how we love factors in the way we design our spaces and how those spaces allow us to interact with other people, whether we are aware of it or not.

Here is your home decorating style based on your love language.

Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, you care about comfort and warmth. For you, a home should have spaces where you can hug a loved one and watch a movie, schedule a family date or dinner, or sit next to each other and work on a project.

The style of your home décor is a bit casual, but not so casual as to be careless. Because he prioritizes connections with other people, and specifically, intentional time with them, he is concerned about creating rooms where special moments can be easily captured. Be it cinema corners, large sofas, or comfortable pillows on the bed.

You are also very decisive in terms of the decoration of spaces. For example, you will capture the best moments with your loved ones and paste those photos on the walls or invest in benches to fill all the living areas of the kitchen table. For you, spending time with your loved ones translates into creating spaces that prioritize socialization.

Acts of Service

If Acts of Service is your love language, you must design your home in a way that respects the unique needs of each resident. For example, that garage workshop for your husband or the paint shed for your roommate.

Giving to others comes naturally to you, and the design of your space is no exception. View your shared space, and intend to build it, as an act of love, and be sure to prioritize the decorating needs of others.

Words of Affirmation

As an Affirming Words person, you no doubt adorn yourself with quotes, mantras, and even poetry lines that speak to the emotions you are trying to evoke. You like it when your home décor is meant to inspire, attract, or encourage deep feelings. Consequently, it's no wonder words are strewn across walls, cabinets, bulletin boards, and other surfaces.

You also design your physical spaces to incorporate conversational elements as a priority. For example, all sofas and armchairs face inward to facilitate deep conversation, and the main kitchen counter has a seating area for someone to talk to the person preparing the food.

Physical Touch

When it comes to home décor, someone whose love language is physical touch is all about touch - think about comfort, stimulation, and connection. This means you'll undoubtedly want to include things like fluffy rugs and pillows, fuzzy or fuzzy items that are pleasant to the touch, and areas that encourage sharing blankets, seating areas, or even food.

You worry about proximity. In fact, you long for moments when you can be in the presence of others: hugging, hugging, sharing, holding hands, or even something as simple as squeezing the shoulder of a loved one during a story. Your décor exudes these personal and intimate elements, and no matter who walks into your space, they will feel right at home.


If gifts are your love language, your home decorating style is a collection of special items from other important people in your life. For example, the sofa was inherited from an elderly relative or the papers in the refrigerator were drawings made by his children.

You see your space as a kind of "scrapbook", something that is a natural mix of moments and elements that are valuable to you. Because of this intimate preview of who you are shared in your space, your home evokes a sense of welcome and belonging to all who enter.

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Source: Kristen McGowan

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