4 Tips for a Stress-Free, Last-Minute Getaway

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    Here are some ideas for getaways that can reinvigorate your mind and soul

    Life is busy. And if you have children, even more. Sometimes it's hard to imagine where you can take a break or two to just breathe. And with all the changes we've undergone recently, it can really start to seem like a break from the norm is exactly what we need.

    The truth is that we often think too much about our vacations. If you're a family, there's that extra layer of planning that goes along with any trip we want to take - heck, even going to the store can seem like a huge task.

    But we can also allow ourselves a little more freedom and an extra dose of spontaneity. With a little creativity, we can find getaways and create vacation moments, even if only for a day.

    1. Visit a state park or national forest

    Many tourists are planning larger trips to larger national parks, which require a lot more planning than most people think. Unfortunately, it also means that many of the national parks can be overcrowded and reserved. Instead of increasing the number of tourists and pressure on natural resources, plan a visit to a state park. State parks vary in what each has to offer, but there are generally many beautiful landscapes to enjoy, endless opportunities to enjoy nature, and some even allow you to camp overnight.

    2. Road trip to a small or rural town off-season

    Many small towns and rural areas are busy during the summer and early fall. But winter and late fall tend to be a much calmer setting. Plan an off-season visit and prepare to take part in some cold-weather activities that locals often enjoy, such as snowshoeing or ice skating. This is also the best time to find great accommodation prices.

    3. Book a hotel in the city on a weekday

    If you live on the outskirts or outside the city center, book a hotel in the city in the middle of the week! That's when hotels are less crowded and offer better prices. Even if your stay isn't that far from home, staying somewhere where you can get room service, a massage, or just not having to worry about making the beds can be a wonderful retreat from everyday life.

    4. Break the rules, take Monday off

    We've all done that, he said he was sick on Monday. But instead of calling and saying he's sick, just plan a day off from work! It's okay to miss that meeting, the company will survive without you. And while you're at it, get the kids out of school too. Live a little. To break the rules. Plan an easy day for anything from apple picking to sitting on the beach. Is it even better? Turn off your phones and unplug them completely.

    Sometimes just a weekend or even a day is enough to give you the energy to keep going. Another great thing to note about smaller trips or excursions is that they are easier to plan at the last minute and incorporate into your life on a regular basis.

    Make sure to give yourself and your family a vacation every now and then. You deserve that.

    We hope you enjoy watching this video about the best tips to take a last-minute getaway trip

    Source: Mojo Travels

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