5 Best Beaches on Oahu

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    Discover some of our favorite Hawaiian beaches for your next trip to paradise

    Hawaii's stunning beaches are known around the world. One of the most iconic beaches on the island of Oahu is Waikiki, a stretch of sand beautifully framed by swaying palm trees, luxury hotels, and the Diamond Head Crater to the rear. Take a look at the rack of postcards at any of the island's ubiquitous ABC Stores and you're sure to find Waikiki.

    Waikiki Beach is one of Hawaii's top tourist spots, but the island has several beaches suitable for sun worshipers and surfers.

    1. Lanikai

    Lanikai is a quintessential Hawaiian beach. With fine white sand and calm, crystal clear waters, Lanikai fits perfectly into its Hawaiian translation of "heavenly sea."

    Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, put on your beach towel, and enjoy the tropical scenery. This is where you come to sit back, relax and experience a little aloha. Depending on the day, Lanikai can get a bit crowded. If that's the case, turn the corner onto Kailua Beach, where the sand and surf are just as good.

    2. Ko Olina lagoons

    The Ko Olina Resort area is located on the leeward side of the island and is home to four beautifully maintained man-made lagoons. The lagoons are a great place to bring the whole family as the rocky uplifts act as walls and provide calm waters and ease of swimming.

    Prepare some floating tubes and spend the day strolling through the lagoon of your choice. Free parking is available, but spaces are limited. If you're willing to pay, park at any of the hotels or resorts that surround the area.

    3. Hanauma Bay

    For snorkeling, look no further than Oahu's famous Hanauma Bay. The protected bay, formed within a volcanic crater, is home to a multitude of native aquatic wildlife, including the vibrant state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Hanauma Bay is B.Y.O.S.G. (bring your own snorkeling gear), or you can spend $ 20 to rent your digs in the park. Either way, make sure you have a good pair of glasses to see the local wildlife.

    Entrance to the park costs US $ 7.50 per person and guarantees access throughout the day.

    4. Waimea Bay Beach Park

    Located on the north shore of the island, Waimea Bay offers a little of everything for everyone. Avid surfers will find some of the best waves on the island, adrenaline junkies will love diving off the famous rock that bounces off Waimea Bay, and sun worshipers will enjoy the soft sand and abundant sunlight.

    Lifeguards patrol the beach and are a great resource if you are unsure of the tide. Be sure to heed the warnings, as surfing can get dangerous (especially in the winter months).

    5. Beach at sunset

    Given the name, it's a safe guess that Sunset Beach is the place to be as the sun goes down. This is also a great place for avid surfers and bodyboarders. While the surf is relatively calm in the summer, the winter months bring a strong current.

    My favorite activity at Sunset Beach is seeing the outline of surfers catching the last waves before the sun kisses the horizon good night.

    We hope you enjoy watching this video about the most beautiful beaches in Oahu to visit

    Source: Lisa & Josh

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