5 Must-Try Beach Snack in Rio

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Discover Rio’s Best Beach Snacks!

1. Agua de Coco

Perhaps the most popular drink in all of Brazil, coconut water is the fresh coconut water drink from a young green coconut. Brazilians believe that the natural properties of coconuts make them the perfect hydrating drink after a long day in the sun.

You'll find coconut vendors, often with just a wheelbarrow, on the city's beaches and sidewalks. After paying a few reais (the real is the Brazilian currency), you will see the seller cut the tip of a coconut with a long knife. Drink the coconut water through a straw, and if you want, you can go back and ask the seller to open the coconut so you can remove the sweet pulp from the coconut.

2. Kebabs

Kebabs, or kebabs ("little skewers", pronounced "eh-speh-CHEE-nyos") are a popular snack on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Shrimp skewers (shrimp) or grilled white cheese (cottage cheese) are the most common varieties.

3. Caipirinhas

Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pee-REE-nyah) is a classic Brazilian cocktail made with fresh lemon, sugar, and cachaça, a very popular distilled beverage made with sugar cane juice. A similar drink is a caipiroska, made with vodka instead of cachaça. Caipirinhas can be bought at some beach kiosks for around 10 reais.

Many Brazilians opt for a beer (beer) instead of a caipirinha while relaxing on the beach. Beer in Brazil is generally served cold in a bottle or can. The most common choices are Pilsner-style light beers such as Antarctica, Brahma, Skol, and Kaiser.

4. Cashews

A popular beach snack in Brazil is roasted walnuts, primarily cashews and peanuts (peanuts). They are usually sold by people walking on the beach with a large bag of nuts. They will be given to you in a paper cup or, if you are sitting at the table and the nuts are in a shell, like a handful or two on the table.

5. Açaí

We have all heard of açaí and its health properties, but Brazilians have been eating açaí for years. This small fruit from the Amazon rainforest is commonly found as a frozen pulp in cities like Rio de Janeiro and is served with the consistency of a thick smoothie.

On the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, you can order açaí in a bowl, or açaí in a bowl, which is usually topped with sliced ​​bananas and granola. It's a refreshing and healthy beach snack!

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