Best Ways to Experience the Wonders of Waikiki

When you think of Hawaii, Waikiki is probably one of the first images that come to mind. The long, idyllic white-sand beach is one of the most famous in the world, and with the majestic Diamond Head Crater as a backdrop, Waikiki is as beautiful indeed as it is on the postcards. There are many different things to do in Waikiki, which is why we've selected some of the best ways to make the most of your time in the area.

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Ride The Waves

Surfing is one of Hawaii's most beloved beach activities, and legends like Duke Kahanamoku of the Waikiki Beach Boys helped popularize modern surfing in the early 1900s. Not all who visit the beach are professional surfers, but with its consistent, warm, and shallow waves. Waikiki is the perfect place to start learning. The shore is packed with guides eager to share the aloha spirit, including experienced instructors from Pro Surf School Hawaii who can show you the basics with a group or private lesson on gentle breaks. Once you learn to practice this addictive sport, you will find that Waikiki is the ideal place to surf the waves.

Air and water adventures

In addition to surfing and beach games, there are many ways to take a dip in and above the beautiful waters of Waikiki. Take to the skies on a paragliding ride and admire the changing tones of the ocean with the Parasailing X-Treme. The thrill of flying over water is only matched by the spectacular views of the Honolulu cityscape and the lush Diamond Head Hills in the distance. For more excitement, join H2O water sports and visit nearby Maunalua Bay, where you can crash the waves while water skiing or wakeboarding.

Go fishing

Farther out to sea, Waikiki proves to be a prime fishing spot. A welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the beach, fishing is a relaxing way to spend a lazy afternoon on the water. Hop aboard a 955Fish charter boat and set sail on the open water, where an experienced professional offers advice on bottom fishing. Aboard the boat, enjoy the serene beauty of the ocean as you wait for that revealing tug and try to escape the largest catch on Oahu, which weighed in at a staggering 1,805 pounds (819 kg).

Beach Party

It wouldn't be a true Hawaii vacation without some island-style cooking. From tasty and affordable street stalls serving local food to world-class resort restaurants with international flavors, Waikiki is no stranger to fine dining. Attend a traditional luau and delight your taste buds with delicious Hawaiian dishes while immersing yourself in the great culture and history of the islands. Various luau venues such as The Royal Hawaiian and other Waikiki hotels can be found along the soft sands of Waikiki, and the sunset over the ocean sets the tone for the evening as you dine on authentic dishes like kalua pork, huli chicken. huli, fresh poke and poi.

Relax All-day

Just steps from the Waikiki shoreline is a world-class spa setting, perfect for a moment of indulgence while on vacation. Oahu's spas provide a rejuvenating experience like no other, with uniquely Hawaiian techniques such as rhythmic lomilomi massages or hot pohaku stone treatments. Kind professionals like those at the Royal Kaila Wedding and Spa treat you with warm Hawaiian hospitality as you experience signature treatments that will be the true highlight of your stay.

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