Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire, UK Vacation Travel Guide

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Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Warwickshire, UK Vacation Travel Guide!

Welcome to Birmingham

A place of historic and architectural significance yet with a culture of constant renewal. Discover the best places to visit and be inspired by one of Britain’s greatest surprises.

Birmingham has sat at the crossroads of a great nation since its birth in the 12th century. From its humble origins as a muddy marketplace, it has grown into a retail utopia, foodie heaven, and creative hub. It’s now Britain’s second-largest metropolis.

Birmingham, England

Nearby Wolverhampton and Warwickshire are also featured and offer the traveler wonderful day trip opportunities to learn more about the history of the whole region. Seek out handcrafted treasures with a visit to the Jewellery Quarter or savor sumptuous flavors in Britain’s best street food market, Digbeth Dining Club.

Delve into history at Aston Hall or Winterbourne House and Gardens, or simply wander along the many picturesque canals, which were once the city’s lifeblood during the industrial age. A vacation to Birmingham is sure to excite your taste buds, inspire your creativity and nourish your mind.

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Birmingham Travel Guide

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