Damme, Belgium Visitors Guide

Damme is an idyllic town situated on the Zwin River, between Zeebrugge and Bruges.

It is located about six kilometers northeast of Bruges and is an excellent and quiet place to stay if you prefer to stay in a small town; You can visit Bruges by small boat.

The river and silt played an important role in the rise and fall of Damme between the 1180s and today.

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Discover The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Damme, Belgium

Damme as a port of travelers today

Damme has many nice outdoor cafes, as well as adequate restaurants and accommodation. The canal walk is wonderful, and our photos show some of the views along the canal, including an old windmill that you can visit. You will need a car to visit Damme.

But, this is what I would do on the next visit. Use Damme as your hub, especially for visiting Bruges and its surroundings.

Here's the thing: most tourists want to see Bruges, and driving there isn't that bad, but parking can be worse. But for those who like the tranquility of rural accommodation, I suggest you stay in Damme and take the boat from Damme to Bruges.

Get the best of both worlds. You will find plenty of parking spaces in Damme.

Lamme Goedzak Calendar

  • The ship operates from April to the end of September.
  • Departure from Damme: 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17:00
  • Departure from Bruges: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18:00

You can make a reservation for the boat at the tour desk.

Damme architecture

The Town Hall stands as a symbol of Damme's former economic strength. Built-in 1464-68 by Gottfried de Bosschere, it is an excellent example of late Gothic architecture.

The most famous structure in the city may be the Damme Church, Onze Lieve Vrouw, whose tower is about three times higher than any other city. You can go up and have a fantastic view of the field.

St. John's Hospital, founded before 1249, has a museum with furniture, paintings, religious artifacts, and household objects from centuries ago, which are worth visiting.

The herring market, Haringmarkt, is a square with little houses, formerly the houses of the poor. Damme had a herring market here in the Middle Ages.

Where to stay

Damme offers hotels and inns. A good value for money hotel is Hotel Het Oud Gemeentehuis, which has a bar and restaurant.

Damme art

You will see various sculptures around Damme. The artist is Charles Delporte, and he has big heads (see our photo gallery below). He has a museum in Damme in what was an old school building.

Damme is a town of books. Every second Sunday of the month, there is a book fair in Market Square in the center of the city.

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