Get Your Kicks in The Most Walkable Cities (Part 1)

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    Walking The Most Amazing Cities!

    As spring brings increasing temperatures and the sun stays high until late, we want to explore the great outdoors. So we tied our walking shoes and put together a list of walkable communities in the United States. If you're not planning a warm-weather trip to the larger pedestrian cities (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston), use this guide to explore some unexpected places.

    We break down each destination's Walk Score, weather, and overall travel vibes, and come back with the country's small, large, and easy-to-navigate neighborhoods and the best things to do without a pair of wheels holding you back.

    1. Miami, Florida

    You've always known Miami is great for sunbathing and swimming, but you'll be surprised to learn that in the same state where you need a boat to get around the Everglades, you can get from downtown to the coast without a car. In fact, with a Walk Score of 78 and year-round temperatures ranging from 60 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Miami is a walkers paradise.

    Follow this path: When you yearn for the golden rays of the sunshine state and a sight for the private eyes of art, check out the street murals at Wynwood Walls. This revitalization project has brought color and energy to the warehouse district and is a great place to recharge your batteries before following your feet to one of Miami's many incredible activities.

    Pit stop: have your drinks at one of the neighborhood breweries. Concrete Beach Brewery, Wynwood Brewing Company, and J. Wakefield Brewing have on-site tasting rooms, just blocks from Walls.

    2. Madison, WI

    Heading out to Lake Mendota, State-Langdon is one of the easiest neighborhoods to walk in the country and you'll find it in Madison, Wisconsin. See the area's impressive 92-point hiking score in action and you'll agree. Additionally, this beachfront area is surrounded by downtown Madison and Vilas, both of which are best viewed at their getaway games. If strolling along the beautiful lake isn't incentive enough to make the trip, Madison is also one of the most affordable walking cities for travelers.

    Follow this path: dotted with colorful picnic tables and piers, Memorial Union Terrace is the place to row in the summer and people-watch year-round. Rent a kayak and let your core do all the work for a while.

    Pit Stop: Relax in this Midwestern destination with delicious espresso and pastries at the Fair Trade Coffee House on State Street. Sit by the front window for an enchanting view of the street and savor each sip of roasted java independently.

    3. Portland, Oregon

    The famous and strange city of Oregon should come as no surprise on this list of the best cities to walk, with its Walk Score of 64. But you may be wondering about its reputation for rainy days. Well, Portland's public transportation is doing well and there are plenty of free places to hide if you start spraying.

    Go this route: spend a few hours shopping for your favorite titles at Powell's Books or head to an independent café and mingle with the locals. At Powell's, each genre has its own color and section. For a look at vintage and rare books, head to the Pearl Room, but finish your coffee first.

    Pit Stop: In southeast Portland, at the corner of SE 82nd Avenue and SE Harney Street, Cartlandia is a cornucopia of high street gourmet restaurants. If you're in the mood for crepes or ramen or something in between, you'll find it here.

    4. Coronado, CA

    Coronado may have a humble 55 walking score, but you can get around most of this city on foot, from San Diego Bay on the east side to Coronado Beach on the west. Craft breweries, beach shops, and chic brunch spots line Orange Avenue as you make your way to the glistening sands of Tombolo adorned with fool's gold.

    Walk This Way: For a mix of surf and peat - meaning real surf combined with hiking and biking - head down Silver Strand, the narrow stretch of the peninsula at the southern tip of Coronado. The sunset is spectacular and the waves are another great way to get around.

    Pit Stop: Housed in a beautiful converted Victorian home, Chez Loma serves French fusion in an airy and elegant setting. Stop in for a weekend brunch before your Strand tour.

    5. Honolulu, HI

    You can imagine yourself walking through Honolulu with your slippers flapping, but take it easy, traveler. You'll still want some good walking shoes to get the most out of these waterfront streets. Honolulu has an overall walking score of 63, but if you focus on its more coastal districts - Downtown, Ala Moana, Kaka'ako, and Waikiki - the numbers go up considerably. And do we have to mention the relaxed atmosphere and climate of the island?

    Follow this path: all in a compact and pedestrian-friendly city center, visit the impressive Iolani Palace, several art and history museums, and of course a world-famous beach. Once you get to shore, go ahead and hang 10.

    Pit Stop: If your tour of Honolulu doesn't end at a Tiki bar in Waikiki, something is wrong. If the name doesn't take you to another decade, wait until you see neon lights and alfresco dining at Cuckoo Coconuts on Royal Hawaiian Avenue. To the bottom!

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    Source: WION

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