Great International Destinations for Fly Fishing

Everyone knows that the US has been blessed with some of the best fly fishing in the world, with places like Colorado, Montana, and North Carolina offering exceptional places for anglers to put their skills to the test.

However, there are many other destinations around the world that also offer fantastic opportunities, often combining excellent fishing with stunning scenery and also cultural immersion.


    These are our picks for the best fly fishing spots in the world!

    1. Northern Saskatchewan (Canada)

    The abundance of pristine rivers and lakes (there are more than 100,000 in the entire region) makes the Canadian province of Saskatchewan an excellent destination for fly fishing.

    The site is home to northern pike and walleye monsters, with plenty of rainbow and lake trout to shoot, making it a dream location for sport fishermen from around the world.

    Anglers will find many fishing holes accessible by car, but to get to the really great spots, there are flyover options as well.

    This gives travelers the opportunity to access some of the province's most remote rivers and lakes by seaplane, taking them off the beaten track as they hunt for trophy fish.

    Best of all, this option allows travelers to visit places that few can see, making it unlikely that they will meet another human being during their entire stay in the sertão.

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    2. Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)

    If there is an international destination that reminds the fly fishermen of the American West, it is probably Patagonia.

    Located at the southern tip of South America, and stretching across Chile and Argentina, this section of wildlife is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Turns out it's also home to world-class trout fishing, with countless rivers, streams, and lakes for anglers to explore.

    Adventurous travelers can choose to stay in comfortable accommodations or stay in more remote locations and camps.

    Both options offer plenty of opportunities for good fishing, as experienced guides are easy to find, which helps make planning a trip a simple and rewarding endeavor.

    All fishing is catch-and-release, which ensures that Patagonian canals are always well supplied so that future generations can also enjoy them.

    3. Alphonse Island (Seychelles)

    Tropical destinations are not always the first places that come to mind when it comes to fly fishing, but Alphonse Island in Seychelles is an exotic place that does not disappoint.

    Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this remote and breathtakingly beautiful paradise is home to a private resort where fishing is essential all year round.

    Bonefish are abundant in Alphonse, as are other large species such as corn and giant curios, which are known to be quite resilient.

    The scenery is very different from what most fly fishermen are used to, but they will soon adjust to the warm waters, strong sun, and incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

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