How to Plan a Memorable Family Vacation

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    Discover The Best Guide to Plan a Family Vacations

    Family vacations offer an incredible opportunity to network and connect. These trips can create wonderful memories, whether you plan to travel nearby or away from home.

    Planning the Trip

    To create a memorable experience, take plenty of time to discuss what you plan to do, where you plan to stay, and what experiences are important for everyone to share. If you want to include your children in the decision-making process, organize a family meeting. During the meeting discuss:

    • Some places you are interested in traveling
    • Special landmarks, tourist attractions, activities, and tours that each person wants to experience.
    • What kinds of food or restaurants attract you?
    • Memories that you would like to take home

    Tip: If you're feeling bold, put ideas that work for everyone in one hat and pick at random to plan your time.

    Traveling Far Away

    For some families, traveling far is the ideal trip. If this sounds like your family, you may want to consider:

    • How many trips each member of your family can tolerate without getting grumpy.
    • How long do you plan to stay away?
    • How many places do you plan to visit?
    • Visit a local grocery store and plan a fun meal or snack together.
    • Try new activities that the locals often enjoy, such as surfing or hiking.
    • Head to the local farmers market and sample cuisines from different vendors; you can even collect your samples to see who can find the best snack.
    • Spend time together at night and recap each person's favorite part of the day.

    Staying Close to Home

    Sometimes staying closer to home means you can take a family vacation more often. Local trips can be planned over the weekend or take quick day trips. To make it memorable, you can try:

    • A new form of transportation, like a Vespa or an Amtrak train.
    • Shifts to plan mini trips.
    • Buying groceries at a store you've never visited before and planned a picnic somewhere new.
    • Spend the day at a local park and play spy with your kids.
    • Take a hike on a trail you've never experienced before.
    • Looking for the best nights to look at the stars and planning an adventure that lasts all night.

    Creating Memories

    The best part of a family vacation is the memories you create together. Before you leave, think about:

    • Scrapbook Journal Creation: Take a photo album with you and use templates to take turns writing down your favorite experiences.
    • Pick Souvenirs: Shop for special trinkets that you can only find at your specific location and display them when you return home.
    • Offer kids disposable cameras: Use cheap or disposable cameras to allow kids to take pictures of their favorite moments.
    • Create a shared family album on your phone: Use the "share" feature on your phones to sync all your family vacation photos into one album.
    • Bring Home Souvenirs: Look for special stones, shells, or other collectibles to remind you of your trip.
    • Send postcards to yourself: let each one write or draw a special memory and send the postcard to see when they return home.
    • Spend some time planning and preparing fun snacks to eat while you're out or on the road: Let each person in charge create a snack for everyone in the family so that you have a good variety and name the snacks after the person who created them.

    Having Fun on Your Trip

    After planning your trip, the fun can begin! Make your trip unforgettable and unique:

    • Planning a specific scavenger hunt for your vacation spot.
    • Compete to see who can take the stupidest photos.
    • See who can pack faster and more organized when returning home.
    • See who can find the most beautiful building, scenic route, or monument.
    • Trying to capture the funniest images of other tourists.
    • See who mixes best with the locals.

    Remembering your trip

    Traveling is a great way to connect with your family. You might consider creating a special album, scrapbook, or framing some photos from your trip to remind yourself of the amazing experiences you shared.

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