How to Prepare for Long-Haul Flights with Kids

Traveling with children, especially on a long international flight, can be quite tricky - little ones are not always receptive to the logistics required on the move to get from point A to point B. Of course, you want the experience to be as seamless as possible. . possible for your family, as well as the other passengers on the flight, and there are a few things you can do to get the best result. And, in case things don't go according to plan or expected, there are also strategies to deal with adversity.

Discover the best tips for traveling on long-haul flights with your little ones!

How to plan your trip in advance

Before even booking the plane ticket, get your kids involved. If they have any agency during the trip, they will feel committed to the result. Do your research together and learn about the activities you will be doing when you arrive at your destination. Are there museums, unique restaurants, walking tours, beaches, or cultural activities that you will add to the itinerary? Involve your kids in the planning process by showing them travel videos, flipping through photo books, following a recipe and cooking international dishes, practicing a new language, or learning how to make local art.

During the flight, you can talk about all the fun things you will do when you land, which will be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, you can pack activities and snacks for the flight that matches the country you'll be visiting. If you have learned, for example, how to make Peruvian wool bracelets, you can also make some in the air and present them to flight attendants or other passengers.

What to do on the day of the trip

It can't be said enough - if you're traveling with kids and all your gear on an international flight, you need to take extra time to get to the airport, go through security, find your door, and pick up and care for your kids. many necessities along the way. You don't want to miss your flight, after all the effort it will take to board the plane, because your trip is late, or your child has a bathroom emergency, or there is an unexpected breakdown in a cafeteria. Better to arrive early and wait than to have to completely reschedule.

Also, make sure you have plenty of time to pack and make sure you have all the necessities (passports, onboard activities, extra snacks, changing clothes, lots of diapers or baby supplies) that will take your family with you wherever you go. with minimal stress.

How to choose the best airplane seats for children

First, choose your seats wisely. When you arrive at the gate, let the agent know how many children you are traveling with and what their ages are to ensure that you have selected the best possible seats. Is there a row of bulkheads available, for example, so your children don't kick the seats in front of them or disturb other passengers by repeatedly lowering and raising the window blinds and trays? Are there open seats with extra legroom so your babies can play on the floor and have a little more room to maneuver?

Seating directly in front of the sink is not ideal, as the extra noise and people in the kitchen will create commotion and noise. If you have older children, it may be best to place them in a row directly behind the adult seats so that if a seat bumps, it won't disturb a stranger.

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How to entertain children on a flight

Playdough can be a lot of fun while in the air and it's also something you can easily do ahead of time. Pack drawing supplies like paper and washable markers. Bring books. Put a bunch of Legos in a bag and challenge your kids to build a travel scene or an Airbus. Bring workbooks that include games like Tic Tac toes, Mazes, and Word Searches. And consider bringing some useful tech fully loaded, loaded with digital movies, games, and photos. Don't forget your headphones!

You might also consider buying some surprise toys to give your kids as a gift on the go. Children will greatly benefit from the new finger puppets, sticker books, pipe cleaners, mini construction sets, coloring sheets, or aircraft-specific toys. Or tell your children that they will receive a special reward if they get to the middle without misbehaving.

Make your kids sleep on a long flight

Ideally, everyone in your family gets enough sleep and wakes up refreshed as your flight prepares to land. The ideal is usually not reality, so it is better to adapt your expectations and prepare for each scenario.

Bring comforting items like sweethearts and blankets, avoid sugary foods and drinks, reduce shadows, and do your best to create an environment conducive to sleep. Perhaps you usually read a book and sing a lullaby to your children at bedtime. Use the same tools you use at home to put your children to sleep while onboard the plane. Perhaps walking up and down the aisle while rocking your baby will solve the problem. And if they just don't sleep, get over it, let go, and remember to breathe.

4 travel tips for kids you should know

One of the most common reasons babies cry on airplanes is that their ears hurt. Wait to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby until takeoff or landing; suction helps relieve pain caused by air pressure. Pacifiers can also help babies. If you have older children, give them a suction cup, gum, or candy.
Carry an extra change of clothes in a Ziplock bag. If your child has an accident on board or gets wet or dirty from snacks and drinks, you can make a quick change in the bathroom and put the dirty clothes in the sealed bag.
Pack a variety of snacks. Not only is it good to keep your kids well-nourished on long flights, it can also be a good distraction from the boredom of being stuck in a seat. And if your kids are too picky eaters, you'll have something you know they'll eat or drink.
If you fear that your babies are at high risk of disturbing those around them, consider offering a "peace pack" with earplugs, chocolates, and a note apologizing in advance for any discomfort.

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