How to Spend a Weekend in Lima

Lima, the capital of Peru on the Pacific coast, is known for its fascinating colonial sites, spectacular museums, and impressive architecture.

Even if you only have a weekend in Lima, you can make the most of the trip.

Here are a suggested itinerary and ideas for spending 2-3 days in Lima so you can discover how to experience the best of the city.

Friday night

On Friday he begins his 72 hours in Lima. When you arrive, start with dinner at Osso.

Although it started out as a butcher shop, it quickly grew into a restaurant serving great meats, grills, cold cuts, pastas, and more.

You will also enjoy La Mar, an authentic Peruvian restaurant with excellent ceviche and freshly caught seafood.

After dinner, visit the Parque da Reserva Magic Water Circuit in downtown Lima.

These fountains not only present an impressive water show but also have projected images and synchronized music for a complete viewing experience.

You can also stop by the Gran Hotel Bolivar's bar, which offers a special drink known as Pisco Sour Catedral, a great way to start your weekend in Lima.

You will also find many casinos and gambling dens throughout the city where you can enjoy games or live entertainment.

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Saturday morning

On Saturday morning, you will have 48 hours to explore Lima. In Peru, brunch is more popular than breakfast.

Guests can visit Rustica, a restaurant that serves classic Peruvian dishes such as chifa and ceviche buffet style, or Mangos Restaurant, an ocean-view restaurant that serves a buffet breakfast of seafood and other Peruvian dishes.

Take the time to explore Peru's Museum of Gold and Arms of the World, a spectacular museum with an extensive collection of historical gold objects and weapons, to learn about local history.

You can also stop at the Real Felipe Fortress, an old fort and museum with historical tours, or at the Government Palace of Peru, the ornate presidential residence and palace.

After the tour, head to Punto Azul, a family-owned Peruvian restaurant, to enjoy local dishes in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Highlights include grilled octopus, crispy shrimp, ceviche, and grilled fish with pesto.

Saturday afternoon and night

After lunch, take time to visit the Cathedral of Lima, an ornate Catholic church with a vast museum of religious and historical artifacts.

You can also visit Parque do Amor, a park by the sea with a sculpture of kisses.

This is not only a great place to relax before heading out for the night, but it also gives you the opportunity to capture the breathtaking views of the coastline.

Saturday night in Lima is when the city comes to life.

Start with a romantic dinner at La Rosa Náutica, a vibrant restaurant on the old Costa Verde Beach pier.

The restaurant has a charming atmosphere with its Victorian architecture and low lighting, as well as a variety of delicious dishes to choose from.

After dinner, discover Peruvian culture with a visit to Peña, which is a traditional place with Creole food, Peruvian drinks, and live folk performances.

Sunday morning

On Sunday morning in Lima, you will have 24 hours left to see all the sights that you may have missed.

Start with a small breakfast at La Panetteria, a charming café, and bakery known for its pastries, cakes, and fresh bread.

Before leaving, you must visit Huaca Pucllana, an ancient ruin with the remains of a pre-Inca pyramid, and the Larco Museum, a museum that has a vast collection of pre-Columbian artifacts.

You can also see the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco de Lima, an impressive Baroque Catholic church with catacombs.

For lunch, visit Siete Sopas for authentic Peruvian soups.

Their soups are healthy and nutritious, often including ingredients like oxtail and seafood, providing a complete meal to fuel your day. You can even have cocktails at La Rosa Náutica while watching the boats on the water.

Sunday afternoon and night

After lunch, you can prepare your meal by strolling through the Parque da Reserva de Lima, a charming green space with nature trails and landscaping.

If you've lost your sources, this is a good time to watch the show. You can also spend time in Larcomar, which has a variety of shops and entertainment venues.

For dinner, visit Rafael, a renowned restaurant with a renowned chef.

The restaurant is in a historic house with a cozy atmosphere, and you can try a 3-course tasting menu to taste some of the special dishes.

On Sunday night in Lima, you can join the legendary nightlife in one of the many bars and clubs in the city.

You can visit places like Xcess Bar or go to an international music disco near the southern beaches.

Salsadromes are also popular for their live Caribbean music.

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