Ilha do Campeche, a Santa Catarina Treasure

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Campeche Island Travel Guide: Florianópolis, Brazil

The Island of Campeche is one of the main attractions for ecotourism and adventure travel in Florianópolis. Easily accessible from Florianópolis, the island cataloged by IPHAN (National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage) is open to controlled visits.

Hills covered with Mata Atlântica, where some trails pass; clear and calm waters, ideal for diving; and more than 100 cave paintings at various archaeological sites are excellent reasons to visit the island.

In high season (from December 15 to March 15), the island of Campeche can be reached from three points in Florianópolis: Praia do Campeche, Praia da Armação and Barra da Lagoa. In low season, only in Praia do Campeche.

Visits are possible throughout the year. Praia da Enseada, a small beach, is the only part of the island where visitors can be left without a certified guide. If you plan to go hiking and snorkeling, visits should be scheduled in advance with local receptive tourism agencies. Transportation guides can help you with information on what you need to visit.

The conservation fee is charged: R $5 for 30 minutes on the island, R $ 10 per hour, and R $15 per hour and a half.


If you like snorkeling, this is one of the best places in Floripa to practice it by the crystal clear waters. However, there are jellyfish.

Some local agencies include snorkeling on the island of Campeche in their tours: including Brazil Trails and Vento Sul.

Arriving on the Island through Praia do Campeche

The shortest route to the island, five minutes, is from Praia do Campeche. Transportation is done in inflatable boats by the Campeche Boatmen Association (Campeche Boatmen Association). The return trip costs R $50 (cash).

"All drivers are certified and all boats and safety vests are registered and comply with all legal requirements," said the president of the association, Rosemeri Dilza Leal.

The boats can carry up to six people, each with their safety vest. In high season, the association works with three boats. They can come and go all day, depending on demand, but can transport up to 40 people a day to stay within the allowed visitor quota.

In the low season, when the Armação and Barra da Lagoa boats do not circulate, they may take a little longer, the sea conditions allow it.

“In summer, the sea tends to be calmer. In low season there is usually a south wind that makes it stronger, so if the tourist wants to go to the island, it is always important to notify us in advance ", said Rosemeri. "We know if conditions are going to be good one day in advance."

In summer, the starting point is at the extreme right of Campeche (overlooking the sea). In low season, the tour must be booked in advance at the association's headquarters (Avenida do Campeche 162. in the background, telephone 55-48-3338-3160, The association has members who speak English.

Arriving at the Island of Campeche from Armação

From Armação, you can go to Campeche with members of the local fishermen's association. The boats are also inspected and the sailors are certified. Prices vary depending on the low or high season, but generally cost about the same as the Campeche tour, although this trip takes about 40 minutes, one way. Available from mid-December to mid-March.

Arriving at the Island of Campeche from Barra da Lagoa

The longest, but also very scenic, route to the island is via the Barra da Lagoa schooner. Again, the trips cost as much as the alternatives but take about an hour and a half.

Tip: Travelers with a tendency to seasickness have the option of reaching the Island of Campeche, but the sea can be quite rough even in high season.

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