Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

When travelers think of the Mayan ruins of Guatemala, they often think of the ruins of Tikal.

However, there are countless other Mayan sites in Guatemala, from the small and well-preserved to the remote and downright massive.

Below are the most famous and easily accessible Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

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Source: Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

1. Tikal

The Tikal ruins are possibly the most famous Mayan archaeological site, not only in Guatemala, but possibly in the entire Mayan Empire.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, Tikal was once one of the most powerful ancient Mayan kingdoms.

Today, the easily accessible ruins of Tikal are located near the abundant accommodations in the colonial city of Flores.

However, it is still better to stay in Tikal National Park, wake up before sunrise, walk to the top of Temple IV, and receive the sunrise over the El Petén forest.

2. El Mirador

The remote and colossal El Mirador contains the largest concentration of pre-classic Mayan ruins in the world, although many of its 2,000-year-old buildings are still hidden by dense vegetation.

In fact, El Mirador is three times the size of Tikal. However, although Tikal receives more than 200,000 visitors a year, only a few thousand make the journey to the heart of the El Mirador ruins.

But its attractions are worth it, including the pyramid of La Danta, the tallest structure in the Mayan world at 70 meters high.

3. Yaxha

In 2005, the Mayan ruins of Yaxha in Guatemala served as the backdrop for the American television series "Survivor: Guatemala: The Mayan Empire."

Yaxha has attracted more and more visitors since then, although nothing compares to the nearby ruins of Tikal.

The Mayans on the shore of the lake The archaeological site houses more than 500 structures, although most are still covered with forests.

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