Now You Can Walk Among Giants on Redwood Sky Walk

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Gain new perspective 100 feet above the forest floor!

The newest attraction at the Sequoia Park Zoo brings visitors up close and personal with some of the zoo's most famous residents. Suspended above the forest floor, the new Redwood Sky Walk invites guests to experience a forest filled with California's coastal redwoods from a whole new point of view.

If you were hoping to connect more with nature, consider this a calling. With nine platforms and bridges spanning giant trees, the Redwood Sky Walk offers an immersive experience that's hard to beat, and unlike any other in the country. Guests facing the suspended walk are rewarded with spectacular views of the bridge, from where they can finally see the forest of trees, as the saying goes.

It's the ultimate self-guided forest swim - suspended midway between the forest floor and the treetops, absorbing sights, sounds, and smells while being aware and relaxed at the same time. After being grounded for months at home, this is a unique way to lift your spirits.

Redwood Sky Walk

Fear of heights? Do not worry; The bridges and platforms are wide, robust, made of durable non-slip surfaces and feature walls over one meter high with railings on both sides. The exeption? The three bridges that make up the 'adventure section' of the Sky Walk. This area has 369 feet of bridges with mesh side decks and a narrower width of 36 inches. They are also more likely to sway in the wind.

If your calves are already burning at the thought of climbing to the first platform, you'll be delighted to know that the Sky Walk doesn't need stairs thanks to the 360-foot ascent ramp that takes you straight up. From there, it is easy to walk along the nine bridges and sturdy platforms.

Yes, this new attraction is insanely cool, but we especially love the fact that almost all of it is ADA accessible, allowing as many people as possible to reach great heights. Yes, in addition to the ascent ramp, six of the nine platforms are ADA accessible. (The only part of the experience that is not completely accessible is the "adventure leg").

Redwood Sky Walk's official opening ceremonies and events took place the weekend of June 4, and the experience is now officially open to the public. For more information and to stay up-to-date on special events, visit the Redwood Sky Walk website.

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Source: Outdoor Maddness TV

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