Planning Solo Trips for Labor Day: Here's Where They're Heading

Labor Day weekend is coming up, and that's our unspoken indication that summer is almost officially over.

Surprisingly, it seems that many travelers are looking to spend the holiday season alone.

Single ticket trips for the long weekend are on the rise.

Compared to last year, round-trip ticket bookings increased by more than 200%.

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"There are many reasons why individual tours could be more popular right now," said Mel Dohmen, Orbitz senior brand manager.

"The main one is that it is easier to manage and plan trips for one than for a group."

While travelers can book individual trips, many of them will end up spending the long weekend together in the same cities.

The top destinations among individual travelers to the site are major national cities such as Seattle, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Other popular vacation weekend spots featured on the site's lists include the cities known for the Three Bs: Beer, Beaches, and BBQ: Nashville, Charlotte, Kansas City (Missouri), Montego Bay, Hawaii, and San Francisco.

Additionally, thanks to the long-awaited lifting of Canadian border restrictions on American travelers, Orbitz said it also sees an increase in travel to the Great White North for Labor Day and beyond.

However, there are some surprising trending destinations that are also on the list, such as Anchorage, Alaska.

These booking sites also reported major US cities - Boston, New York, Chicago, Orlando, Honolulu, Miami, and Las Vegas - in the top Labor Day destination rankings, along with another Caribbean destination: Cancun, Mexico.

If weekend vacation travelers are exercising their right not to compromise on their chosen vacation destination, or if they have simply enjoyed some time alone after so much social distance, we will never know.

But what we do know is that Labor Day is the last holiday weekend where hot weather stays on the calendar for the next eight months, so wherever you go, make it memorable!

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