The 3 Most Popular Islands in Panama (Part 2)

Panama is an incredible destination with a lot of historical and geographical importance.

Many people know Panama for its famous canal that connects the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, but that is only a small part of what makes the country so fascinating.

On both the Caribbean and Pacific sides, you can find several beautiful tropical islands in Panama with stunning beaches and incredible wildlife.

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Gulf of Chiriquí

Along with Coiba Island, dozens of Panama islands are located in the Gulf of Chiriquí in southwestern Panama.

Most travelers exploring the region start in the town of Boca Chica, where transportation to the gulf islands can be arranged.

The island of Boca Brava, for example, is only 800 meters away.

Isla Palenque is near Boca Brava; Both are excellent destinations for hiking and sport fishing.

The Islas Secas ("Dry Islands") is an archipelago consisting of sixteen virgin volcanic islands and is home to the Islas Secas Resort.

The Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands archipelago includes approximately 100 islands, many of them tiny and uninhabited.

They are located in the Gulf of Panama, about 30 miles from the coast.

The islands have a wild and shipwrecked feel; in fact, the CBS television program Survivor filmed three seasons on the islands of the archipelago: Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars, and Survivor: Panama.

The largest and most suitable for traveling from the Pearl Islands is Contadora Island, which has a small airport (flight time from Panama City is only fifteen minutes).

In Spanish, "Contadora" means "against" - appropriate, as the island is where the Spanish conquerors would count the pearls collected on other pearl islands.

At 74,000 acres, Isla del Rey is the largest of the Pearl Islands and the second largest island in Panama (after Isla Coiba).

Barro Colorado Island

Isla Barro Colorado is an artificial island in Gatun Lake, Panama, in the middle of the Panama Canal.

When the Chagres River was dammed to form the lake, all of the rainforests were flooded except for the hills, which now make up the island.

It is home to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, where scientists study the island's flora and fauna.

According to them, Barro Colorado "is one of the most studied places on Earth and has become a prototype for measuring the diversity of plant and animal life around the world."

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