The 5 Best Beaches in Curaçao

Curaçao is best known for its row of colorful facades of perfect buildings that line Willemstad's waterfront, water that matches the striking blue hue of the island's namesake liquor, and a peculiar synergy of Dutch and Caribbean culture.

But the island nation that lies 40 miles north of Venezuela, outside the hurricane belt, is actually known as "The Island of 35 Beaches" and we call that "challenge accepted."

Curaçao has a beach for all tastes, vibes, and activities, even doing nothing.

Many of its beaches have lagoons, making them especially suitable for families with young children, divers who want to see colorful schools of fish, or anyone who just wants to spend a lazy afternoon floating in the sun.


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    Here are our picks for 5 people to visit as they travel to this stunning island in the Lesser Antilles!

    1. Kenepa Beach

    Also called the Grote Knip or Kleine Knip, this acclaimed spot on the west side between the towns of Westpunt and Lagun is made up of a larger beach (Kenepa Grandi) and a smaller, more private beach (Kenepa Chiki).

    It is only accessible by road and is located in a bay between jagged cliffs with airy kiosks mounted on the beach, giving it a local flair.

    A shallow reef just steps offshore is a must for divers; bring your own gear and arrive early enough to get a spot in the small parking lot.

    2. Klein Curaçao

    Reserve a day during your trip to take an excursion to this uninhabited island 13 km off the southeast coast known as "Little Curaçao", where you will find the longest beach in the region.

    Book a boat trip with Irie Tours; After a two-hour tour, you will arrive in a diver's paradise with underwater caves, impressive corals, and abandoned shipwrecks.

    Spend the day exploring the large volcanic rock that makes up the island and visiting the lighthouse; You can even stay overnight and camp on the beach under the stars.

    3. Forti Beach

    Adventurers can walk a narrow path along with the Forti restaurant and see the small fishing boats moored at Playa Piskado, before diving 12 meters into the crystal clear waters.

    Those looking for a more tame experience can go downstairs and lay out a rug or towel on the sunny beach of Playa Forti, covered in coarse brown sand and tiny pebbles. Grab a pre-sunset table at Blue View Sunset Terrace to enjoy a roasted iguana and a chilled bottle of Amstel Bright.

    4. Piskado Beach

    Of course, you can jump into the water and swim with the sea turtles that hang near the boats on this quiet little beach, especially before noon when the fishermen throw their friends into the water and attract more of these friendly creatures.

    But much more fun and attractive is to rent a personal SeaBob Curaçao underwater propeller, hanging and pedaling next to it.

    If you don't want to get wet, head to the pier and take that perfect IG photo with the hammocks and blue water in the background before ordering a cold drink at the open-air seaside restaurant.

    5. Daaibooi

    Once a port for small ships collecting salt, Daaibooi was also used by American soldiers during WWII to protect the island from German attacks.

    The proximity to Willemstad makes for a quick walk and the calm, shallow waters allow for easy diving for beginners and children. The pergolas provide respite from the sun, there is a small path to the west of the beach, and the snack bar is open daily.

    If you are lucky, you may find Mr. Kees van Dongen, the restaurant, beach, and surroundings manager, who is ready to give you advice on how to make your visit to Curaçao unforgettable.

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