The 8 Best Tuscan Wine Tours


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    The Best Tuscany Wine Tour from Italy!

    Tuscany is one of the most evocative destinations in Italy. This region, home to a rolling landscape dotted with old farmhouses, is famous for hosting the Renaissance, the beautiful ornate cities of Florence and Siena, and, of course, the fine arts.

    But there is one thing that Tuscany is most famous for wine. The region is one of the most notable wine regions in the world, home to the Sangiovese grape, which is the source of world-class DOCG wines, such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, to name just a few. a few.

    Best of Florence: Private Tuscany Wine Tour

    Florence is the capital of Tuscany, but to experience the true Tuscan wine experience, you'll want to get out of the city.

    This private tour begins with your professional sommelier guide who will pick you up from your Florence hotel and drive you to the countryside.

    Your guide will carefully select three wineries, all very different but producing high-quality wines. The first will be a large traditional wine estate, where you will visit the wineries and enjoy the opportunity to ask the winemaker questions.

    The next will be a farm that will grow its grapes organically, and the last will be in a small family winery. In all three, you will have ample opportunities to learn, ask questions, and, of course, test!

    At the last stop, your tasting will be accompanied by a variety of local cuisine, including homemade pasta, fresh bruschetta, meats, cheeses, and desserts.

    The sommelier who runs this tour has a deep understanding of the wine-making and tasting processes, as well as the shaping of the terrain in the Tuscan wine scene, making it an ideal tour for those who really want to dig deeper and learn. more.

    Being a private tour, it also offers some flexibility - take the time to ask any questions you want and savor every sip.

    If your Italy vacation is based in Rome, or if Rome is the closest to what you would otherwise get to Tuscany, consider this tour, which allows you to escape the hectic Rome cityscape for a day and reach the beautiful Tuscan hills.

    Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in a comfortable, Wi-Fi-equipped Mercedes and begin your two-hour drive to the beautiful Tuscan town of Montepulciano, home to the famous wine that bears its name, Vino Nobile de Montepulciano.

    You'll visit one of the best wineries in the city and take a private tour of the winery with one of their winemakers, who will teach you the history of wine, as well as tasting and pairing tips.

    Then you will go up the stairs to taste the farm's organic wine and olive oil. After wine tasting, you will have lunch in Montepulciano and then head for an afternoon walk to Pienza, home of the famous Pecorino di Pienza cheese, similarly produced in this small town for thousands of years. After taking the time to explore this historic city, you will return to Rome in comfort.

    Travel in comfort by air-conditioned minivan from Florence to the surrounding countryside for a wine tasting at two different world-class wineries on this small-group tour.

    Your English-speaking guides will accompany you throughout the day, explaining the history of the Chianti wine region, the viticulture process, and offering tips and tasting notes to help you get the most out of every sip.

    In addition to the Chianti Classico that made the region's name famous, you can also try some "Super Tuscans", the new style of Tuscan wine, developed only in the last century ("new" is relative in these parts) using locally grown grapes. from non-traditional vines from this region (mainly the famous Bordeaux grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot).

    After the tastings, you will have the opportunity to explore the medieval town of San Gimignano, famous for its tower. Flexible due to the small group size, the tour will have a number of photo stop opportunities throughout the day.

    You are not very likely to find a high-quality wine tour in Tuscany, but it is reasonably priced and offers a lot of money. Offering hotel pickup from central Florence, the small-group tour includes tastings and tours of wineries and other local producers, as well as visits to at least one of Tuscany's charming hilltop towns, in a full day of events.

    You will visit two wineries and enjoy two artisan wine and olive oil tastings. You will also have the opportunity to taste other local delicacies, such as balsamic vinegar, cheese, olives, and ice cream.

    A full lunch, with local ingredients, is included in one of the vineyards. Along with a visit to a small town, your driver will stop at some particularly extraordinary groups of cypress and olive groves for photoshoots, as well as a stop at the end of the day at Piazza Michelangelo, which offers perhaps the most beautiful panoramic view of Florence.

    Not ready for a great bus tour? No problem - this one-stop tour may be the right option for you. You'll simply head to a winery in Maremma, a micro-region of Tuscany that has recently entered the standard oenophile lexicon but has done so with a splash.

    You will visit the estate, learn about the wines produced in the region and the process to become a DCOG (an official Italian government designation for wines, obtained by the Maremma only in 2007).

    And then the fun part: a tasting! The wine bar here offers a variety of wines to taste, and this tour specifically includes tastings of two fine wines, each carefully paired with a homemade bruschetta.

    Some people may scoff at the idea of organic wine as a kind of new age, something new, but as the locals will tell you, the new is really non-organic wine - organic is the way Tuscan wines have been produced for millennia.

    This full-day tour includes pickup and drop-off at your accommodation anywhere in Tuscany (yes, really) and includes tours of two different Chianti organic wineries, as well as full tastings of wine and other local products (olive oil). Olive, vinegar, cheese, products, and more).

    San Gimignano is also scheduled for this tour and you will have plenty of time to explore this sweet old town and its excellent architecture (and food markets).

    Most Italian wine tastings include sandwiches, but these sandwiches often include traditional Italian cold cuts and cheeses.

    If you are a vegetarian, you may want to consider this private tour, which is an important point to keep things vegetarian-friendly.

    You'll visit two different Chianti wineries, both producing organic wines, and enjoy their wine tastings alongside appetizers made with vegetarians in mind, which means you won't be stuck with a bunch of pretzels and a couple of olives.

    This full-day tour, like so many in Chianti, stops at San Gimignano (it's so sweet and medieval that people can't get away from it. Also, the world champion's ice cream parlor is there, what doesn't it?), Also, like in Piazza Michelangelo on the way back to the city.

    Vineyard visits and wine tastings are so much more fun when you really know how to taste wine. Which, as we've all learned from the true wine lovers in our lives (or movies), is a more complicated process than just drinking.

    This class, located in the heart of the small town of Greve, in Chianti, introduces students to the history and culture of Tuscany (and how this has influenced the wine and other agricultural products of the region) and the basics of how to pour, shake. , smell, and drink.

    You'll also learn about what you're looking for, what people mean when they say "finish" and "fruity" and "heavy tannins" and all those other fancy wine words that may not make much sense to those of us who can barely. recognize our reds from our whites.

    The lesson includes tastings of at least three separate high-quality Tuscan wines, as well as accompanying snacks.

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