The Beauty of Medellín, Colombia

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Explore The Land of Eternal Spring, Medellín

Medellín has undergone an incredible transformation in the last 20 years, making it one of the best destinations for tourism and one of the best places to visit. Take, for example, the incredible transformation that took place in Comuna 13, a neighborhood that suffered greatly from lack of access, now has structures that helped make it one of the no. 1 tourist destinations in Medellín, full of artists and culture that provide an incredible experience.

Food is a special part of Colombia, it incorporates the diverse and complex culture. It is not just the food, but the warm love of the people that makes Colombia special.

Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on Earth by area, that is on Earth. This means that Medellín is surrounded by diverse and incredibly beautiful cities outside the city, where you can travel to spend some time and immerse yourself in the land and culture. You can visit a city called Titiribi, where the stars are clearly visible at night and the day feels like a dream. Waking up in the small mountain town of Titiribi is a dream.

Tiritibi is near El Cerro Tusa, which is a mountain with many legends. Nature and tranquility that exist in this remote area of Colombia is surprising. The place and climate is perfect to share a delicious picnic, listening to music, and really remembering what it is like to live.

Travel tips for visiting Medellín

  • Take the metro cable to Parque Arvi, it's amazing!
  • Go to El Peñol de Guatapé.
  • Go to Comuna 13 with a tour guide for the best experience.
  • Take the metro in Medellín. It is new and clean and you can take it anywhere in the city.
  • Eat a simple tray! And an arepa!

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