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America’s state parks make adventuring in our backyards possible for everyone

When we think of America's most impressive landscapes, our national parks come to mind first. We plan and save money for big family adventures that usually last for weeks. For an alternative closer to home, which is generally cheaper, consider our nation's state parks, many of which are less populated and more accessible. America's state parks protect vast tracts of land, safeguarding the wildlife and natural habitats that exist there, making adventures in our own backyards possible for everyone. Read on for the best state park in each state and what to do and see when you arrive.

Alabama: Gulf State Park

With 24 state parks to choose from, Alabama offers so much to explore. Gulf State Park, located in Gulf Shores, is one of the most popular to visit due to its snow-white sand along two miles of beach. Stay in one of the 20 log cabins, two of which are handicap accessible; a house located along the north shore of Shelby Lake, or bring your trailer or tent and spend the night at camp. Catch sea bass, catfish, walleye, or trout and hike the Hurricane Ridge Trail, Middle Lake Trail, Bear Creek Trail, or Alligator Marsh Trail.

Alaska: Kachemak Bay State Nature Park

Surprisingly, Alaska, our nation's largest state by land area, has just four state parks: Chugach, Denali, Kachemak Bay, and Wood-Tikchik state parks. While worth a visit, the Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park is a highlight. Witness the wild diversity where you can see sea otters, seals, dolphins and whales in the ocean and moose, bears, mountain goats, coyotes and wolves on land. Don't forget to look up too - birds of prey and eagles are easily seen. Explore thousands of acres of glaciers, mountains, oceans and forests on foot, in a boat or kayak, or on wheels. Hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, and camping are the main activities here. You will need to access the boat park from Homer, Alaska.

Arizona: Dead Horse Ranch State Park

With 16 state parks, Arizona is a recreational space for adventurers. Dead Horse Ranch State Park, located 3,300 feet above sea level, is full of recreational opportunities (yes, named after a dead horse found on the property) like hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The higher elevation creates pleasant warm weather patterns. River otters, gray foxes, quail, deer, and toads call this area home, as do California kingsnakes.

Arkansas: Devil's Den State Park

This state is home to 36 impressive state parks, making outdoor recreation accessible to almost everyone in Arkansas. Devil's Den State Park, located in Lee Creek Valley, has a little bit of everything to offer: caves, forests, scenic overlooks, dams, waterfalls, and plenty of walking and biking trails to keep your family busy. There is even a cafe in the park, a store and a swimming pool, which is only open during the summer months. Camp in a tent or trailer or rent one of the cabins for a truly extraordinary weekend away from nature.

California: Crystal Cove State Park

It's not easy to choose just one state park in California - there are 109 state parks and nine state recreation areas to choose from. Crystal Cove State Park, along the Pacific Coast Highway, is a candidate for one of the best parks in the state. Classic California is on display in this park, from the sandy beaches to the wild inland. The magic of this park is that you can be in an urban area, dense with people and concrete, and then quickly escape to this tidal lagoon and the paradise of wooden canyons in the blink of an eye. Swim or surf, hike and get up early to see the usually spectacular sunrise. Stay in a cabin or campground by the sea and spend your time wandering through the Crystal Cove Historic District.

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