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"When is the best time to go to Disneyland?" The answer to that question depends on your preferences, but there are factors to consider to guide your decision.

You could go in the middle of the week in February, on a sunny day when there are no school holidays to avoid the crowds, but there will be no fireworks. Or you may think of going in the summer when all the attractions are running, the days are long, and you can see fireworks and other evening shows every day of the week, but the heat and long lines come with that time.

Your trip is about you, so the key is to understand the trade-offs between what you will get and what you will sacrifice so that you can choose your ideal time of year.

Generally, the best time to visit Disneyland is during the summer and holidays. Right now, Disneyland hours are the longest, which means more hours to play, more things to do, and more attractions to try. In addition, every day in summer there are parades, shows, and fireworks. The tracks are also unlikely to be closed for maintenance, which means there is less chance of losing them.

The downside is that Anaheim's summer weather can be so hot that you'll fear melting away. Whenever the hours are long, the place also fills up, leading to long waits. Hotel rates will also be the highest of the year, increasing the total cost of the trip.

The best day to visit for the most magical

For the best value, visit midweek during the less crowded times of the year. When there are fewer people around, it is easier to enjoy the company of your family and friends. You could even kiss Donald Duck or dance with Pinocchio. You will spend more time enjoying and less waiting.

January to March is the season that attracts the fewest visitors, with the exception of bank holiday weekends and school holidays. On the other hand, this off-season means you will have fewer hours to try everything. Some attractions may be closed for extended maintenance and updates, and some evening entertainment may not be available on weekdays.

High season at Disneyland

Overall, according to Themed Entertainment Association, Disneyland is the second-busiest theme park in the world, with more than 18 million visitors a year. (No wonder Disney World is the best.) No matter when you visit, you will not be alone.

During the big holidays, July 4, Thanksgiving week, and from Christmas through New Years', Disneyland can be so crowded that front doors sometimes stop letting people in for security reasons, even if they have a ticket. If avoiding crowds is your number one goal, here are the least crowded windows at Disneyland:

  • A first full week of January to mid-February
  • Third Tuesday in February through mid-March (when spring break begins in many schools)
  • From mid-April to the third week of May
  • From the first Tuesday in September to the beginning of October
  • The second week of November


January is a great time to visit Disneyland to avoid the crowds and experience great weather. The Christmas decorations are still active during the first part of the month. Unfortunately, the park's hours will be shorter than at other times of the year, and some attractions may be closed for renovations during the winter.

Events to check:

  • Lunar New Year celebrations can start at the end of the month.


One of the quieter months, but February can be a great time to visit Disneyland. The park is open for fewer hours than in summer, but it is not crowded and you will not have to wait for the attractions.

Events to check:

  • President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February and could draw slightly larger crowds that weekend.


March can be nice or too busy, depending on when you go. If you're visiting Disneyland in March, try to go early in the month before school runs out for Spring Break. The end of March can be very busy.

Events to check:

  • Disney California Adventure hosts a food and wine festival that runs through mid-April.


Like March, April is also the ideal time for spring break. If you want to travel in the spring and your schedule is flexible, consider going to Disneyland in a different month. If your schedule is fixed, get some tips on managing your April trip.

Events to check:

  • DapperDay: Another unofficial event happens in late April. As such, visitors don their cutest attire to tour the park, often choosing retro clothing that visitors might have worn on opening day.


In preparation for the busy summer months, Disneyland often opens new attractions in May. It may be a great time to visit, but avoid Memorial Day weekend as it is one of the busiest times in the park.

Events to check:

  • The last Monday of the month is Memorial Day and it is usually very busy.


June begins summer at Disneyland. Schools start summer break, which increases the crowds, but this month the park also hosts a full calendar of events, including parades, fireworks, light shows, and more.

Events to check:

  • Disneyland's annual Grad Night events continue through June. The after-hours prom is held at California Adventure.


In July at Disneyland, you can wait many hours, but a full range of entertainment and as many attractions as possible will open. Also, expect large crowds.

Events to check:

  • On July 4, Disneyland can be so crowded that it reaches its maximum capacity. When that happens, sometimes they can't let other people in.


August at Disneyland is hot and busy. Disneyland is open for many hours, usually 2-16 hours a day, giving you plenty of time to have fun. You can also expect a wide range of parade shows, fireworks, and light and water shows.

Events to check:

  • CHOC Walk in the Park is a charity 5K that takes place at Disneyland in late August. Benefit from Children's Hospital of Orange County.
  • D23 is a major Disney fan fair held every two years in August at the nearby Anaheim Convention Center.


If you like good weather, minimal crowds, and short lines, September is a great time to visit Disneyland. Crowds decrease after Labor Day weekend and remain low until the Halloween festivities begin later in the month.

Events to check:

  • Disneyland kicks off the Halloween celebrations in September. Get ready to see tons of Disney villains, plus a haunted mansion. The Disneyland Halloween party also takes place some nights.


There are many fun reasons to go to Disneyland in October. They celebrate Halloween all month long, including decorations and celebrations. Visit him for Mickey's Halloween party when the kids can trick-or-treat all over the park.

Events to check:

  • Disneyland Halloween party days are always fun, but the host park will close for other guests in the late afternoon.
    Gay Days is an unofficial event that takes place in early October as part of Anaheim's LGBTQ celebrations.


Early November is a great time to visit, with few crowds, but the park gradually swells as Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches. You can enjoy it at any time if you use the guide to visit Disneyland in November.

Events to check:

  • Disneyland Christmas celebrations begin in early November. Events vary by year and you can find a list on the Disneyland website.


In addition to enjoying the Christmas decorations, in December at Disneyland, you can witness a special Christmas parade and fireworks show, visit Santa Claus or participate in the annual Candlelight Procession. December can be very crowded, especially on holidays.

Events to check:

  • The candlelight procession is an old-fashioned celebration of the season, with famous storytellers. It is usually an invitation-only event.
  • New Year's Eve brings a special fireworks display and maximum crowds.

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Source: The Disneyland Beat

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