The Best Time to Visit Sao Paulo

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Discover The Best Time and Events to Enjoy Sao Paulo

The best time to visit São Paulo is in spring, from September to November. This low season has hot days and cold nights, little crowding, and a series of events for all kinds of interests, such as the São Paulo International Film Festival, Restaurant Week, and the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix. Also, you can get some hotel and flight deals during these months. For those who want to go to the nearby beaches and enjoy the carnival, however, summer is the next season, even with heavy rains.

Peak Season

Paulo has two peak seasons: the holiday season from a week before Christmas until Carnival ends and the winter months of July and August. Airfare and hotel prices will be higher from December to March, and rates will skyrocket during Carnival. Although expensive, it is one of the most fun times to be in the city.

Brazilians take vacations seriously. Expect some services and businesses to be closed or operating for limited hours during Christmas and New Years (sometimes for up to a week or two).


São Paulo has a humid subtropical climate with a temperate climate all year round, lots of rain, and a little variation between seasons. Known as Terra da Garoa, the rains are one of the main differentiating factors of the seasons. Summer is the rainiest and the streets can be flooded. However, this season still has plenty of sun and mild temperatures (61.1 to 79.2 degrees F), making it the best season to go to the nearby beaches.

The spring and fall seasons have slightly cooler temperatures (55 to 76.1 degrees F for spring and 53.1 to 77.2 degrees F for fall), with plenty of sunshine and hours of daylight. For the less humid climate and drier season, go in winter.

Popular events and festivals

By far the biggest festival of the year is Carnival. The paulistanos let loose before the solemn days of Quaresma by drinking, dancing and singing in great parades of samba schools in struggle and dancers adorned with sequins and feathers. For the biggest party, go to the Sambadrome.

Sampa has a strong art scene and many of its events are based on exhibiting it. The São Paulo Art Biennial, the second oldest biennial in the world, takes over Ibirapuera Park every two years in April to showcase international works of art, while Virada Cultural is a 24-hour celebration of culture through shows, films , plays, art exhibitions, and dances, filling cultural spaces, streets and even libraries.


This is the wettest month with 9.4 inches of rain. Fortunately, January also has some of the longest days of the year (13.4 hours of daylight per day) and an average temperature of 70.7 degrees F, which means there is still plenty of good weather, despite the rains.

Events to check out

  • Check out the city's biggest New Year's Eve party, Reveillon, a free event on Avenida Paulista where DJs spin, people dance in the streets, and fireworks explode at midnight.
  • The Anniversary of the City of São Paulo, on January 25, commemorates the founding of the city with concerts and art exhibitions in different spaces.


The hottest month of the year, February temperatures range from 80 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. The summer rains continue, causing major traffic jams. Expect high hotel rates during Carnival week.

Event to check out

Carnival, the most popular Brazilian festival, takes place this month or next, depending on the year. Rival feather, glitter and samba teams gather at the Sambadrome to dance and parade to live music for two days, as neighborhood parties take over the city.


The days get a bit shorter (12.2 hours of daylight per day) and the temperature gets a little cooler (69-82 degrees F) as the humidity rises up to 80%. Hotel prices also go down and the rain slows down a bit.

Event to check out

The two weeks of installation of São Paulo Restaurant Week this month begin this month and go until April. Enjoy special menus in more than 200 of the best restaurants in São Paulo at surprisingly affordable prices.


The humidity remains at 80 percent, but the rain begins to fall at just 2.9 inches. The average temperature drops to 65.3 degrees F. The city is packed with tourists for festivals and Easter holidays, but hotel room rates are still quite low. Many stores and services operate with less capacity, especially during Easter.

Events to check out

  • The fifth-largest fashion event in the world and the largest fashion show in Latin America, São Paulo Fashion Week takes place twice a year, with the first edition in March or April.
  • The international art fair SP-Arte presents 160 art exhibitions from 13 different countries. With 35,000 visitors in São Paulo, it is one of the largest art fairs in the world.


Plan hot days with a high temperature of 70.7 degrees F and cool nights with a low temperature of 53.1 degrees F. The humidity decreases, the rains remain the same as in April, and the days get even shorter.

Event to check out

Don't miss Virada Cultural, a free, 24-hour city-wide party and the largest festival of its kind in the world.


Winter begins and temperatures drop, hovering between 50.5 and 69.4 degrees F. The dry season begins with just 5 inches of rain falling throughout the month. Hotel prices are starting to climb as tourists flock to the city in search of cold, dry weather.

Events to check out

  • Paulista Avenue is home to the world's largest gay pride parade, the LGBT Pride Parade, with more than three million people dancing in floats and in the streets as glitter and confetti fill the air with rainbow colors.
  • Festa Junia celebrates the end of the harvest and various Catholic saints with folk dances and traditional Brazilian food.


The coldest month of the year arrives with an average temperature of 59.7 degrees F. Hotels must be booked well in advance as schools are closed for the entire month of July, making it a popular time for domestic travel. The other side? You can get great flight deals this month.

Event to Check out

Celebrate the city's Italian immigrant heritage on Rua Fernandes Silva during the São Vito Festival with Italian food, dance and music in honor of São Vito.


Low rainfall, slightly longer days, and only slightly warmer weather make most of August a cool but pleasant period to visit. The little summer (little summer), a wave of hot and dry weather, hits the city part of this month, raising temperatures to almost 30 ° C.

Event to check out

Vila Madalena hosts the Vila Madalena Arts Fair, where artisans sell their crafts in its streets full of graffiti.


Spring arrives with a slight increase in rainfall. The days begin to lengthen and heat up with temperatures reaching 21ºC, causing residents to search for nearby beaches.

Event to check out

The second edition of São Paulo Restaurant Week begins this month and runs until October.


The weather is similar to September, with only more rain, longer days and slightly higher temperatures, sometimes reaching the mid-70s.

Event to check out

Brazil's largest film festival, the São Paulo International Film Festival lasts for two weeks, during which 20 venues screen 350 films ranging from blockbusters, retrospectives, and films in a foreign language and, of course, premieres.


The nearby beaches are starting to warm up, but they are not yet crowded. Precipitation is moderate, with 5.7 inches falling throughout the month, and the temperature ranges from 65 to 80 degrees F.

Event to check out

The Brazilian F1 Grand Prix arrives at the José Carlos Pace Autodrome to race on the Interlagos track before a crowd of raucous fans.


High season begins one week before Christmas and runs until the end of Carnival. Summer begins, with temperatures ranging between 68 and 83 degrees F. Daylight extends up to 13.6 hours a day.

Event to check out

Ibirapuera Park shines with a giant Christmas tree and a fountain light show during Illuminated Christmas.

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