The Best Vegan Food Places in Berlin

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    Explore Berlin's Vegan Culture

    Berlin's vegan culture is at the forefront of the vegan movement and caters to a wide variety of tastes and desires. The city's taste for vegan cuisine is attributed to Berlin's youthful vibe and its vigor for sustainability.

    There is not only a healthy portion of Berlin restaurants that cater to vegetarians but an incredible number that are strictly vegan. Gone are the days when you needed to ask the waiter if honey, butter or milk was used to prepare your food.

    It is important to note that finding authentic German food in Berlin is a dilemma in itself. While most curry sausage vendors offer vegetarian and vegan options, it can be difficult to find authentic German food in Berlin. We find more options in Leipzig, the self-proclaimed vegan capital of Germany.


    One of the iconic restaurants that introduced the vegan cause to the people is Kopps. If you are looking for a more authentic German restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian options, this is your best option. What sets Kopps apart is that they are not only vegan but their ingredients are locally sourced.

    The restaurant uses not only many local ingredients but also seasonal ones. One of the best things about eating at Kopps is that you get to taste Berlin at any time of the year and get to know the different flavors first. Combine that with a dedication to making veggies sexy again and you'll find bold new dishes like turnip soup, cucumber ice cream, or strawberry gazpacho. The Kopps will leave you speechless.

    The Lucky Leek

    This sophisticated restaurant is the exciting project of chef Josita Hartanto. As a strictly vegan establishment, The Lucky Leek focuses on a more gourmet gathering. This is the type of place where you will eat more as an experience than a feast. The culinary journey you will embark on is worth every moment. This is vegan culture at its finest.

    We couldn't resist adding The Lucky Leek to our list simply because it is one of the most innovative restaurants in Berlin, fully committed to experimenting and pushing the boundaries of vegan food. The restaurant seems to redefine the role of vegetables on the plate with each bite. If the eggplant tartar or beet contif ignite your imagination, then you really need to book an evening to try The Lucky Leek.

    The Bowl

    If we were to describe the cool restaurant, The Bowl, in one word, it would have to be "purity." As one of the few certified organic vegan restaurants in Berlin, The Bowl raises the bar for food. All the dishes served are not only vegan (obviously), but also gluten-free, sugar-free, and sustainably sourced.

    The bowl uses only coconut oil and palm oil in the preparation and the end result is amazing. The vibrancy of flavor is what makes each bite stand out. The good folks at The Bowl also have the knack of creating impressive sauces, the perfect complement to the smooth and inviting flavor of the roots and fruits that adorn your plate.


    It is the vibrancy and atmosphere that will impress you when you enter the cozy corner that is Viasko. All the young and edgy spirit that rejuvenated Berlin is on display in this little spot for brunch and dinner. If you came for delicious salads or cocktails, as far as we know, there is no wrong way. The truly fresh and unique version of the German soup was the jewel in the crown for us. Viasko is definitely worth a stop on your journey to explore the city's vegan culture.

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