The Top Things to Do in County Antrim

County Antrim is one of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland and is home to Belfast's capital. In addition to the many cultural attractions the main city has to offer, County Antrim has some of the most impressive coasts and hidden valleys in all of Ireland.

Take your time and relax along the coastal road or plan an itinerary filled with suspension bridges, castles, and natural wonders.

From the surreal columns of the Giants Causeway to the lively seaside entertainment in Portrush, here are the best things to do in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.


    From Belfast to the natural wonders of the famed coastline!

    1. Experience the Giant's Causeway

    One of the most legendary places in all of Ireland, Giant's Causeway should be at the top of your list of must-sees in County Antrim. The natural wonder is made up of 40,000 columns of black basalt that rise dramatically from the sea.

    The unique rock formation was created by volcanic activity that occurred when the landmasses of Europe and North America began to separate 60 million years ago. Most people choose to walk along the cliffs to see the impressive black stone columns, but there is also a modern visitor center that offers more information on the history and geology of the Giant's Causeway.

    However, the myths behind the rocks may be the funniest of all: Irish folklore claims that the stone columns were laid by the local giant, Finn McCool.

    Finn chose a fight with a Scottish giant, Benandonner, and built the basalt bridge over the Irish Sea so that they could meet and resolve their battle once and for all.

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    2. Explore Belfast

    From street art to castles, Belfast has everything to go. Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has a fascinating but turbulent history and offers visitors to County Antrim.

    To see the city through the eyes of a resident and learn more about the conflict that has left a visual mark on the streets, take a Black Cab Tour. Belfast, a bustling urban center, also has incredible pubs, restaurants, shops, and cultural experiences to discover.

    The newly opened Titanic Museum quickly became one of the best things to do when exploring the city.

    3. Tour the Bushmills Distillery

    The small town of Bushmills in County Antrim has been home to one of Ireland's most famous whiskeys for over 400 years. The Bushmills Distillery is still in use and offers tours for visitors who want to learn more about the process behind one of the country's favorite beverages.

    Small group tours are offered to explain the entire whiskey distilling process and of course, there is a sample at the end so you can taste the specialty Irish whiskey for yourself. (Note: children must be 8 years or older to participate in the tour).

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