Top 5 Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic

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Explore The Most Incredible Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic!

Although Punta Cana is the most popular place to visit in the Dominican Republic, this second-largest country in the Caribbean has many areas that are spectacular and diverse in geography. From a large lake that is home to American crocodiles to ponds where pink flamingos flourish, high mountains, wild and undeveloped beaches, and a capital city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are many things in the Dominican Republic that many do not see.

1. Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic offers both a modern and a historical side, as well as many shops, restaurants, art, music, and nightlife. The colonial city of Santo Domingo, also known as the Colonial Zone, has been a World Heritage Site since 1990 as the oldest city in America, built when the Spanish settled here in 1496 and brought enslaved Africans.

Visit historic sites turned into museums, including the first hospital, the first university, and the first cathedral built in the "New World." Walk through the charming streets of the neighborhood, enjoy its parks, outdoor cafes, and live music. Nearby, the lively Malecón boardwalk is lined with restaurants and casinos. In the city center, you will find shopping malls, upscale restaurants and botanical gardens.

2. Beaches of the Samaná Peninsula

Dominicans will agree that among the most impressive beaches in the Dominican Republic are those found along the rugged coastline of the Samaná Peninsula. From Las Terrenas to Las Galeras, the beaches here are wild, dramatically framed by cliffs and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Las Galeras has stunning views such as Playa Rincón, accessible by boat, while Las Terrenas has easy access to Playa Cosón and Playa Bonita. There are also secluded beaches that few tourists come to, such as Playa del Valle and Playa El Morón.

3. Armando Bermúdez National Park

Located in the center of the Dominican Republic, Parque Armando Bermúdez is the most accessible starting point for a two-day overnight expedition to Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean at 3,105 meters. The park also offers numerous daytime trails for those who want to immerse themselves in nature, swimming in the Yaque del Norte River, which flows directly from the top. It is an excellent location to spend a day in the mountains while visiting the mountain resort town of Jarabacoa.

4. Constanza

Constanza is totally different from what you would expect to find in the Caribbean, which is exactly why you would visit it. Situated at 4,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest inhabited city in the region. It is also the heart of agriculture in the Dominican Republic. Drive through fields of chayote, potatoes, and even strawberries. Stop at a local thatched-roof store or corner and order a strawberry shake or milkshake. Go hiking or biking in the hills to breathe in the fresh mountain air. One of the most spectacular national parks and bird-watching spots in the country is found here in Valle Nuevo National Park. Walk along its paths, lined with pine trees and giant ferns, and warm yourself from the cold in a fireplace at night in a mountain cabin.

5. Barahona Province

The province of Barahona was made for the adventurous traveler looking for road trips, casual cultural encounters, and the grand, rustic outdoors. This less-visited province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo offers scenic drives, with roads winding between spectacular mountain scenery and an iridescent turquoise sea. The beaches are mostly pebble and the sea is too rough for much swimming, but there are impressive river parks where freshwater streams flow into the sea and create pools ideal for taking a dip.

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