Top Attractions in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are among the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, so it stands to reason that most of the main places to visit and explore in the British Virgin Islands involve some kind of nature.

In addition to an extraordinary walk inside, you will find yourself constantly in contact with the sea, whether you are relaxing at a beach bar, exploring semi-submerged caves, diving into a shipwreck, or finding your own piece of paradise on a boat in an idyllic desert island.


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    Enjoy the Best Beaches, Baths, and Beyond!

    1. The Baths, Tortola

    The bathrooms are magical, especially if you can visit them when everyone else is not. The beach here can be a bit crowded, but you're not really here for the beach. Instead, spend time exploring the semi-submerged rocks scattered along the Virgin Gorda shoreline by volcanoes, which form water caves on the shore and provide a home for live fish and coral beneath the waves.

    Snorkeling or scuba diving is a must here to truly appreciate this spectacular seascape - slide on some fins and you can swim up, around and between the rocks, accompanied by schools of tropical fish.

    2. Beach bars

    The BVIs have some of the best beach bars in the world, not to mention the Caribbean. Head over to Soggy Dollar for one of his famous pain relievers or relax on the beach with a homemade rum punch at Foxy's, both on Jost Van Dyke. Immerse yourself in yacht culture and your favorite drinks at Willy T, a bar with few bars on a ship moored off the coast of Norman Island.

    There is much more, but we leave you some for you to discover as your favorites.

    3. Visit Anegada

    This low, flat coral island at the northern tip of the British Virgin Islands is easy to miss, even when you're just a short boat ride away. But it's bigger than it sounds, and the sparse Anegada population is worth seeking the solitude of a quiet stretch of Cow Wreck Beach to call your own, fishing for bones on the south shore plains, snorkeling at Horseshoe Reef, and diving into the tranquility.

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