Top Bonaire Activities, Tours and Attractions

Bonaire has a handful of museums and cultural attractions, but most people come to this small Dutch Caribbean island mainly for its wonderful diving and snorkeling - Bonaire's barrier reef is well protected and considered one of the most vibrant and healthy habitats of its kind in the world.

Back on land, visitors to Bonaire also tend to enjoy the outdoors with an active flair, from mountain biking to the exotic and exciting land boating experience.

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Explore The Best Sights to See and Things to Do in Bonaire

1. Diving

Bonaire is not only the top diving destination in the Caribbean, it is one of the best in the world. The reefs surrounding the island have been declared the healthiest in the region and a "model of reef sustainability" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Bonaire is the top of a submerged volcanic mountain, with sloping reefs just 30 feet offshore, so you don't need to take a rental boat to make a good dive. Underwater visibility is 100 feet year-round and there are 86 marked dive sites, including:

Hilma Hooker's wreck at the beginning of the double reef system, an advanced dive with a depth of 60-100 feet
The 1,000 Steps, a great new deep-sea dive with light currents and abundant marine life

2. Snorkeling

Woodwind Sailing Cruises groups follow the guidance of the owner and guide Dedrie Petersen to snorkel and (if they so wish) dive along the shores of Klein Bonaire, a small island and nature reserve off the coast of Bonaire. Explore the underwater life of the "living aquarium" off the coast and, if you are lucky, see a group of sea turtles!

3. Windsurfing

Bonaire's Sorobon Beach is great for windsurfers, especially beginners, as it limits the number of variables they have to deal with. Most novice windsurfers quickly get on their boards, manipulating the sail to catch the wind and turning it slowly to turn smoothly without falling. You don't go very fast at first, but that's beside the point: the challenges are many for a neophyte, and every little achievement is filled with the thrill of the new.

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