Visiting Santiago de Compostela in Spain

Santiago de Compostela is the final destination for most people on the Camino de Santiago (some head to Fisterra).

The cathedral is the main attraction of Santiago. Note that here they speak Galician, a language very similar to Portuguese, although almost everyone speaks Spanish, and they are very happy to do so.

There is an airport in Santiago de Compostela, although it does not have many international flights.

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The Best Travel Guide Before Visit Santiago de Compostela in Spain!

The best time to visit

To participate in the festivities it is advisable to schedule a visit around July 25, during the Fiesta de Santiago. You will see beautiful fireworks the night before (the fire of Compostela). From fall to spring, you can expect rain.

Number of days to spend (excluding day trips)

Two days. You may want more time if the rain is keeping you indoors!

Things to Do

  • Visit the Cathedral of the Apostle.
  • Eat local seafood. In particular, the Galician octopus is well known, although the texture is not for everyone.
  • Pilgrimage Museum. Even if you didn't come to Santiago on foot as a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago, learn about the origins and meaning of the most important pilgrimage in Europe.
  • Homemade chocolate with churros. Café Metate is a former chocolate factory and the owners still make their own chocolate.
  • Many other museums and religious buildings in Santiago, including the Monastery of San Paio, the Colexiata de Santa Maria do Sar and the Museo Pobo Galego.

Excursions from Santiago de Compostela

  • The town of A Coruña is very close and deserves at least one night's stay.
  • The Rías Bajas to the west are a possible day trip, although public transportation is lacking.
  • Fisterra, the end of the world, according to the Romans, is also near.

Distance to Santiago de Compostela

  • Barcelona - 711 miles (1,145 kilometers) - 11 hours by car, 17 hours by bus or one hour and 30 minutes by plane. There is no direct train.
  • Madrid - 374 miles (602 kilometers) - six hours by car, seven hours and 45 minutes by bus, eight hours and 30 minutes by train, or one hour by plane.
  • Seville - 595 miles (957 kilometers) - nine hours by car, 14 hours and 30 minutes by bus (only at night - one per day) or one hour and 30 minutes by plane. There is no direct train.

First impressions

The old town of Santiago is very compact, with narrow and winding streets. Most of downtown is pedestrian-only, so you won't need a car while you're here.


From the train station, it's a 20-minute walk north to the cathedral. To get there, take Rúa do Hórreo to Praza de Galicia. Continue on Praza de Galicia until you see Praza de Toural on your left.

At the end of this square is the Rúa do Vilar, which will take you to the Cathedral of the Apostle.

The Cathedral itself can take up a few hours of your time, depending on how much you like cathedrals. It is undoubtedly one of the most complex design buildings in Spain and deserves a bit of attention.

You are now in the heart of the old town of Santiago de Compostela, with much more to see on your right and in front of you.

From the bus station, which is a little east of the city, take the road immediately in front of you and drive for about 500 meters until you see some steps descending on your right.

Go down these steps and follow the road. Eventually, you will find yourself in the Plaza de San Martiño Pinario. The cathedral is a short walk south of here.

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