We Have 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Colombia Now!

When friends found out that I was going to visit Colombia, several of them asked me: "Isn't it dangerous?" Some said, "What about drug trafficking?" Other people I met who had recently traveled to Colombia said that Bogotá was very interesting and that Cartagena was a wonderful tourist city with a unique personality, thanks in part to its ancient walls.

They told me that they were both worth seeing and that they were completely safe for travelers.

I had fears, but I kept them to myself before I left. But after a week-long visit to this South American country, I have to agree with travelers who have visited Colombia before me.

Things have changed and traveling has become much safer there. It is a very different place than what we saw on the news in the 80s and 90s.

For adventurous travelers, it is a worthy destination that offers much to get excited about.

Sitting in an open-air bar atop the wall that surrounds the oldest part of Cartagena, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we watched the sun turn the clouds into flames as it sank into the sea.

Turning our heads, we saw the pink glow illuminating the streets lined with Spanish colonial buildings that seemed to have come out of time.

I was glad I got on that plane, and if you decide to pay a visit, you will too.

Here are some things you can do when you arrive!

1. Outdoor adventures await the active

Rough and spectacular terrain for hiking, biking, climbing, and other outdoor adventures awaits active travelers in Colombia.

You can tour the coffee region and visit organic coffee farms, climb rocky terrain near Suesca, or walk among the towering wax palm trees of Quindío in the Cocora Valley.

For those looking for a true adventure, consider going to El Cocuy National Park, a wild and untamed desert that offers great hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

There are even spectacular peaks for climbers to explore, including some that reach over 17,000 feet.

If you are looking to experience the wild side of Colombia, this is a good place to do it.

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2. Take a Trip To a Lost City

One of the most attractive activities for adventurous travelers visiting Colombia is the walk to the ancient lost city hidden in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The hike takes three days to complete, but it more than delivers on its promise.

The hike is strenuous but not particularly difficult, although it does involve climbing over 1,200 steps.

But the Lost City itself, which was once home to the Tayrona people, offers a respite from the bustling sights, not to mention an incredible view of the rainforest along the way.

3. Cartagena offers history and charm

Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its walled city center and rustic Spanish colonial buildings, has long been a vacation spot for South Americans.

But now, it also draws visitors from much further afield, drawing them in with its rustic charm and historical roots.

You can walk, bike, or dine on the wall for spectacular views of the Caribbean.

Stay in the heart of the city in hotels, like the Santa Teresa, which was once a convent, and stroll through the narrow streets where bougainvilleas spread on second-floor balconies above shops and apartments.

One of the most popular historical sites in the city is undoubtedly the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

This great fortress was built by the Spanish to protect the port city from invaders and still stands as an imposing image to this day.

4. Reefs and shipwrecks greet snorkelers and divers

The Caribbean coast of Colombia has miles of beaches, coral reefs, and shipwrecks to keep divers busy and happy.

Off the coast of the country's the Pacific Ocean, travelers will discover more reefs inhabited by large fish and even humpback whales, which are most common between the months of July and November.

Adventurous snorkelers and snorkelers will want to head to Malpelo Island, which is home to one of the largest shark populations on the planet.

Sometimes fearsome underwater predators swim in shoals of up to 200 and can include toothed hammerhead sharks, which swim in large numbers here but are rare in other parts of the world.

5. Gold, gold, gold

You may want to wear sunglasses when viewing some of the exhibits at the Banco de la República Gold Museum, or you will be blinded by the glitter of so much precious metal.

This museum in Bogotá has an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic jewelry that reveals a lot about the life and beliefs of the societies that lived in the land that is now called Colombia.

It was the excess of gold in Colombia and throughout South America that attracted the Spanish, many of whom came seeking their own fortune.

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