What is Bruges Like?

Bruges was an important trading center in medieval Europe and its history dates back almost 2,000 years.

Unlike many other European cities, it was not ravaged by war and the city's Gothic charm is evident in these photos. Bruges also has one of the few Michelangelo sculptures located outside of Italy in one of his churches: a statue of the Virgin and Child.

In early spring, daffodils and flowering trees are in bloom, but tulips are just beginning to grow.

Trees and vegetation were more dominant in late summer, and you'll find more crowds. However, Witches are adorable in all seasons!

Visiting Bruges is like going back in time, Enjoy!

1. Lake of Love

Bruges is a perfect fairytale medieval city, full of sights like this. This photo is from the lake of love, called Minnewater.

2. Lake of love in spring

Flowering fruit trees give Bruges Lake of Love a different look in spring.

3. Watchtower

This old watchtower is one of the first structures visitors see when entering Bruges from the bus parking lot.

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4. Street scene and old buildings

Bruges has many old structures and picturesque street lamps.

5. Beguinage (Begijnhof)

The Begijnhof or Beguinage has been a pleasant oasis in Bruges for more than 750 years. In medieval times, there were many more women than men, mainly due to wars. Single or widowed women often joined the Catholic order of the Beguines, promising obedience and chastity but not poverty like the nuns. Women lived in religious communities like this one, earning a living by making lace for religious reasons or caring for the sick or elderly. Sometimes wealthy benefactors paid Beguines to pray for them.

This beguinage was founded in 1245 by Margaret, Countess of Constantinople, to bring together the Beguines of Bruges, many of whom were widows of the Crusaders. The congregation has flourished for over 600 years, but the last Beguine died in the 1970s. Today, part of the complex is home to a group of Benedictine nuns and the other part is home to some 50 single women of all ages.

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