Best Home Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

When you think of teenage entrepreneurs, most people think of lemonade stands or lawn mowing. But just as the Internet offers many opportunities for adults to start a home business, so do teens. In fact, as teens have grown up with digital technology, they are uniquely qualified to do business from home, especially online.

As for adults, the best deal for teens is a bit subjective. What may be ideal for one may be a failure for another. When choosing a company, young entrepreneurs should consider their talents, interests, and passions and how they can monetize them. With that said, here are some home business ideas that are great for teens.

Below are some home business ideas for teens, including necessary skills and experience, as well as legal issues for young entrepreneurs to consider.

Local services

There is nothing wrong with traditional teen business ideas serving the local community, and in most cases, your teen may start out with little skill or experience. Instead, they just need the willingness to learn and work hard.

Many residents want and need help with a variety of tasks, including:

Run an errand
Domestic help (domestic help such as cooking, cleaning, washing)
Care homes
Pet sitter
Walking dog
Children's party organizer
Crafts / Household Products

Creative teens can sell their work locally through shipments to stores, farmer's fairs, or craft fairs. They can also sell them online through their own e-commerce site or through Etsy.

Additionally, sites like Café Press or TeeSpring offer teens the opportunity to create a design for a t-shirt, mug, and other items that can be sold online. This eliminates the need for space in the home for product creation and inventory.

Teens don't necessarily have an A + in art, but they should be able to create a quality product. Great nifty items to consider for sale include:

Decorated t-shirts
Decorated totes
Pillows and other home decorations.
Decorated cups or bowls
Soap and spa products
Digital services

Growing up in the digital world, teens are uniquely qualified to provide small business online services. While teens don't need a degree or technical training, they do need experience and skills, which are often based on their personal use. Some ideas include:

Graphic design
Web Design and Programming
Videographer and Video Editing
audio editing
social media management
Virtual support

Become a star / influencer online

The internet is full of famous teens who make money online just by being themselves. Since they have built a following, they can earn money through branding and / or ad feeds and affiliate marketing. Some fun ways for teens to do this include:

YouTube - Starting a YouTube video blog is a fun way to earn money through ad revenue, brand sponsors, and affiliate marketing.

A teenager can take a hobby or interest and turn it into an online program. For example, many gamers screencast their video games to share on YouTube.

Other YouTube stars sing, give beauty or fashion advice, perform comedies, share lifestyle tips or ideas, give exercise advice, and more. Or, if video seems like a lot of work, podcasting is another option.

Instagram - Similar to YouTube, teen Instagram influencers tend to focus on a passion or interest, such as beauty, fashion, food, pets, or life in general. Most of these highly-followed teens earn money through sponsored posts.

Blogging: Another great way for teens to benefit from their interests or passions is through blogging. While teens seem to prefer visual content (i.e. videos and social media), blogging is also popular and could expand to other influencer channels like YouTube and Instagram.

Other Great Home Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

App Business: games, job search, homework help and more. The need for apps will continue to grow and teens, who already use apps for fun and tools, are in the best position to create them. Many community colleges offer application development courses or there are books you can learn on your own.

Computer Installation and Repair - Most homes have at least one computer, if not more. But just because someone can Google it and buy it from Amazon doesn't mean they know how to set up their computer when they first buy it, or how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. For many families, the first person to ask for technological help is a teenager, since technology is part of their lives. Teens can take advantage of this by charging for information technology services.

Bakery Business: Cupcakes are very popular right now, but they're not the only teen baked goods that can turn a profit. Cakes, cookies and bread can be baked at home and can also be sold.

Bakery products can be shipped from local bakeries, shops or restaurants, or at your local farmers market. Depending on the item, they can also be sold online. Many states have laws governing the sale of food and specific rules regarding the sale of home baked goods, so check your state's guidelines.

Amazon Fulfillment: Amazon Fulfillment allows teens to sell items through their store, and Amazon will take inventory, take the order and payment, and ship the item to the teen.

All the teen needs to do is find discounted items that can be sold at a profit, list them on Amazon, and ship them to the Amazon warehouse. No particular skill or experience is required except the ability to find many things.

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