4 Things About Succulents We All Need to Stop Believing

About Succulents

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4 Things About Succulents

Any mother plant can recite a list of plants that it just doesn't like. And the one that comes up very often is the succulent plant. They have a reputation for being easy to maintain, which is why many beginners start with them. But in reality, they are not that simple. They are extremely specific in how they would like to be kept (like many other plants that are considered more difficult to care for by a qualified plant picker).

Succulents and cacti
First, a common misconception is that cacti and succulents are very different. Technically, cacti fall into the category of succulents. All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.

According to Google, the succulent is a plant with "thick, fleshy leaves or stems suitable for storing water." They store water in their stems or leaves, which makes them very easy to water. Besides cacti, other succulents include buttertail plants, jade plants, aloe vera, snake plants, zebra plants, sempervivum (those that look like green flowers), agaves, and ZZ plants.

About Succulents

Tip 1: You don't thrive in the dark. You need a strong light (or you can really stretch)
Even the brightest room in our house can be 50% darker than the outside, so it can be difficult to give succulents the right amount of light. If you live in an area that has darker days in winter, your succulents can become long and weak stems and stop looking fluffy and compact. This sacrifice occurs when the succulent does not receive enough light.

You can cut and propagate the top of the succulent, or just enjoy its quirky new look - cool succulents can look really cool. Embrace your individuality or invest in grow lights.

When succulents don't get enough light, they have long legs to reach the sun. it can look really cool and add some personality to your plant. But if you don't want to propagate succulents, it's very easy. Just put the leaves in the ground and they will take root!

Tip 2: You can't dump it if you can remember it. All you need is enough water (and not a drop more)
Sometimes it seems that even when the succulent sees you fill a watering can with water, it decides to die. The problem with succulent irrigation is that if they don't get strong light, they won't photosynthesize and can use a lot of water.

Succulents are opportunistic, they have a habit of looking for water quickly. When they are available, they are not used to sitting around their roots. Soil that remains moist for a long time creates the ideal environment for root rot. The key to watering a succulent plant is growing it in the ground so that the water drains quickly and making sure it receives strong light so it can deal with soil moisture quickly.

Tip 3: you can't use land. They need well-drained soil
The best soil mix for succulents is a soil mix with fine and coarse sand and pumice stone to create aeration. Drain the soil so that its roots do not live in damp soil. This is the key to the survival of your plant.

Tip 4: you need a consistent place for them to thrive
I think my succulents are sad during the winter months. The temperature rises and falls because our heating is not optimal and our windows are very windy. I try to keep them away from windows and heaters in the winter, but they don't get enough light. This causes them to turn yellow and the leaves to die, which is natural. The best thing your succulents can do is stay consistent. If you find them thriving at any point in your home, don't move them.


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About Succulents

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